What Size Vehicle Do You Deliver In?

To make things as smooth as possible, we'd kindly ask you to share any access details like codes or directions when you're checking out with us.

Also, if there are any access challenges like road closures or space limitations that might affect our delivery, it would be super helpful if you could give us a heads-up beforehand.

This way, we can keep everything running smoothly and avoid any unexpected hiccups or extra costs.

Usually, we roll out with 18-tonne trucks for our deliveries. But, if your delivery spot has any access hurdles like tight spaces, tricky roads, or cars parked in the way that wouldn't work well for such a big vehicle, just give us a shout ASAP. We can arrange for a 7.5-tonne truck to handle your delivery.

To get an idea of whether an 18-tonne truck can get to your delivery spot, think about it like this: if a regular waste removal truck (the typical bin lorry) can make it to your place, then our 18-tonne vehicle should be good to go as well.

Just keep in mind that opting for the smaller 7.5-tonne vehicle might add a day to your delivery timeline since we don't have as many of those as the bigger ones on hand.

It's important to note that if you don't notify us of any access limitations, there may be extra charges incurred if we're unable to make a delivery attempt.


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