What Should I Do with My Empty Pallets?

Can you take empty pallets?

If you find yourself in a situation where you're unsure what to do with your pallets, no worries.

When we bring your goods to you, and you're done unloading them, we'll gladly load your empty pallets back onto our delivery vehicle and handle their disposal.

All we ask is a heads-up from you about when you'd like us to take those pallets off your hands. Just ensure you can offload your goods promptly.

There is a modest fee associated with this service, but it's tied to the number of pallets you need us to take back after delivery.

For instance, if you only need us to remove one pallet, there won't be any cost involved.

For each additional pallet beyond the first, there's a small extra charge of £10 + VAT. Keep in mind that even empty pallets occupy space on our delivery trailer, which is why this charge applies to each additional pallet.

If you've already placed your booking and want to arrange for the driver to return and collect your pallets, please get in touch with us promptly.


Will The Driver Help Offload My Pallet?

To help the driver pick up your empty pallets, it's best to get your items offloaded as swiftly as possible without causing any damage.

While it's not mandatory for the driver to lend a hand with unloading at the delivery point, it never hurts to politely request their assistance to speed things up.

Our drivers work on tight 15-minute delivery schedules, so the quicker you can empty your pallet, the smoother it goes for them as well.

Rest assured, our drivers are a friendly and approachable bunch, and they'd be more than willing to pitch in and help you with unloading your items.

If you need more details about how to properly dispose of empty pallets, feel free to reach out to us directly. Alternatively, you can check out our Help Center for additional information.


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