What Should I Do with My Empty Pallets?

ALL items MUST be secured to a pallet to be accepted through our network.

Even if you are sending light items and they are well-packed, they need to be loaded and secured to a pallet of the correct size.

Pallets offer additional protection during transit and help to keep everything together until they reach the delivery point.

However, you may not always have a means of storing or disposing of any empty pallets.

Can you take empty pallets?

If you have no other means of storing or disposing of your pallets, we can take them with us when we deliver your goods.

As soon as you offload your items, we will load the empty pallet back onto the delivery vehicle and dispose of it for you. 

All we ask is that you let us know when you need us to take the pallets back with us; And make sure you have a way of offloading your goods promptly

There is a small cost for this service, but this depends on the number of pallets you need us to take back after delivery, i.e. if you only need one pallet removing, there is no cost for this. 

To remove a second pallet, there is a small additional charge of £10 + VAT; Your empty pallets still take up space on the delivery trailer, so this charge applies to every additional pallet after the first. 

If your booking has already been placed and you'd like to ask the driver to return with your pallets, you will need to contact us immediately

Will The Driver Help Offload My Pallet?

For the driver to take empty pallets, you will need to offload your items as quickly as you can without causing damage.

While the driver is not required to assist with offloading at the delivery point, there is no harm in kindly asking for their assistance to speed things up.

Our drivers run on 15-minute windows to deliver their pallets, so the faster you unload your pallet, the better it is for them too.

All of our drivers are friendly and approachable and would be more than happy to assist you in offloading your items.

For more information regarding disposing empty pallets, please get in touch with us directly. Alternatively, you can visit our Help Centre

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