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We are working with new procedures for deliveries into Europe. All deliveries will require commercial invoices to be uploaded. Please see below for more information on sending pallets in Europe.

All European deliveries are currently suspended and will return shortly.

Amazon Europe

We are currently not delivering in Amazon fulfilment centres in Europe. We are awaiting clear instructions from our export partners. We will resume our Amazon approved carrier service as soon as we possibly can.

Commercial Invoice

A commercial invoice is now required for all goods entering and leaving Great Britain. You can download our example commercial invoice to help guide you with creating your own.

The following details must be included within your commercial invoice.

  • EORI Number for both exporter and importer
  • Date
  • Terms of Sale (only DAP cleared or uncleared will be accepted at this time)
  • Value of Good with Currency
  • Mode of Shipment (road/air/sea)
  • Quantity of Items
  • Product Description (including HS codes)
  • Measurement of Units (boxes, crates, pallets)
  • Unit Price
  • Total Price
  • Country of Origin


EORI Number

An EORI number is simply a number assigned to a person or company for shipments in and out of Europe. It is a fast and efficent way for customs to understand who is exporting and importing in their country.

If you're based in the UK you can get an EORI number here. If you require an EORI number for a specific country in Europe you can get one here.

Important Notice of Return Costs

If the consignee is closed and/or unable to accept the products you have arranged to transport to them, it is highly likely the shipment will need to be returned to your premises in the UK, incurring additional transport costs for the return/import. The bill payer for the booking with PalletOnline will be accountable for all costs in returning the goods back to the UK.

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