Can I Book a Fork-Lift Truck for Delivery?

For pallets that weigh more than 1,000kgs, a forklift will be required to assist with loading your goods onto and off the delivery vehicle in one piece. 

If a forklift is required, you will need to arrange this yourself as this is not a service that we offer at the moment. 

Will I need an oversized pallet?  

While your goods may be heavier than 1,000kgs, you may not necessarily need to book an oversized pallet delivery; This normally depends on other measurements, like width and length. 

A standard full pallet can hold 1,200kgs, just as an oversized pallet can. 

Essentially, your goods can be heavy enough to require a forklift but still fit the dimensions of a standard full pallet! 

If your goods are over the maximum width and length, you’ll need to book an oversized pallet delivery

But don’t worry! You can use our simple pallet calculator to work out whether you need an oversized pallet; Let us do all the tricky maths! 

How much does oversized pallet delivery cost? 

All of our prices are postcode driven and depend on the size of the pallet you wish to ship, i.e. quarter, half, full or oversized. 

As oversized pallets are larger than standard full pallets, there’s a slight price difference.

For oversized items, this will allow your goods to travel safely and arrive in one piece. 

Each quote offers a unique price for collection and delivery, and as cost can also depend on network volumes and rates, this may occasionally change ever so slightly. 

Do forklift deliveries cost more? 

Unfortunately, we CANNOT provide a forklift for collection or delivery. 

You will need to make sure you have a forklift available for collection AND delivery if your goods are heavier than 1,000kgs. 

If you are shipping an oversized pallet, you WILL need a forklift to assist with loading and unloading. 

Please note that if your goods exceed 1,000kgs and a forklift is not available, the driver will be unable to collect until the correct equipment is provided. 

How to book an oversized pallet delivery

First, head over to our homepage and complete our simple pallet quote form. 

You must select the correct number of oversized pallets before moving on to get your unique pallet delivery quote.  

If you need a little help working out the right number of pallets, you can always use our simple pallet calculator! 

Alternatively, please send us a message on Live Chat for further support and advice.

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