Can I book a fork-lift truck for delivery?

For deliveries of freight that weigh more than 1,000 kilograms, a forklift will be required onsite to assist with loading the items onto the delivery vehicle in one piece.

However, you must provide your own forklift and this must be available on the day of collection for your pallets to be delivered with no delays.

Will I Need An Oversized Pallet? 

While you may need to provide a forklift for collection and delivery, you may not necessarily need an oversized pallet for your goods. A full-size pallet can hold up to 1,200 kilograms of weight, and though it would need to be moved and handled using a forklift, you would not need a larger pallet size unless your items weigh more than 1,200 kilograms. 

However, if your pallet happens to be oversized by more than twice the width or length of a pallet, you will also need a forklift for this. As the goods are wider than three metres, a standard lift assist or tail lift would not be suitable to handle them.

How Much Does Oversized Pallet Delivery Cost? 

We calculate our shipping costs as most other pallet delivery companies do: size of pallet, weight of items and distance from your location to the destination. It all depends on the size of each pallet and exactly how many pallets you are sending with PalletOnline. Our delivery rates are budget-friendly and our services are well worth the money. 

At PalletOnline, we deliver numerous types of pallets, from full to oversized pallets and every size in between. You can get a free delivery quote through our website and discover the exact cost based on the height and weight of your items. 

If your items will not securely fit onto a standard full, half or quarter pallet, then please make us aware of this by adding a note to your order before completing the checkout.

Our drivers needs to know in advance if they are expected to collect and deliver oversized pallets, as well as how many they will be handling on the day. 

Do Forklift Truck Deliveries Cost More? 

If you do not own a forklift truck or already have one onsite, we would ask that you supply one prior to the date of collection or delivery. Our drivers are not able to provide you with a forklift nor can they provide their own; their job is to assist with loading pallets to their delivery vehicle. 

As you can understand, our drivers are able to handle anything that is fewer than 1,000 kilograms without the support of a forklift. However, to avoid causing physical harm to our drivers or damage to your goods, we would recommend ensuring that the correct equipment is onsite before our driver arrives to collect or deliver your items. 

If there is no forklift present onsite and your pallet weighs more than 1,000 kilograms, collection may be refused. 

How To Book An Oversized Pallet Delivery 

You can book an oversized pallet fast and with no hassle with PalletOnline. Just go to our website homepage and get your free instant delivery quote. Once you receive your free quote, select a full-size pallet and continue through the booking process - before you complete the checkout, make sure you add to your booking notes that you are sending an oversized pallet instead. 

Though many other pallet delivery companies also cater for oversized pallets, PalletOnline is an industry pioneer and are experts in collecting and delivering pallets of all sizes and weight bearings. 

Our level of customer support is second to none and we always go above and beyond to ensure our customers are completely satisfied and confident that their pallets will reach their destination on time and in one piece. 

Please feel free to get in touch with PalletOnline if you have any concerns or queries regarding your pallet collection or delivery. Call us on 08456580049 or send us a message through our Live Chat for an instant response. 

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