Can I Book a Fork-Lift Truck for Delivery?

If your pallets weigh over 1,000 kilograms, you'll need a forklift to help get your goods on and off the delivery truck in one go.

Just a heads-up, though - we don't provide forklift services at the moment, so you'll have to make those arrangements yourself.


Will I need an oversized pallet?  

If your goods weigh more than 1,000 kilograms, you might be thinking you need to go for an oversized pallet delivery, right? Well, not necessarily. It really comes down to a few other measurements, like how wide and long your goods are.

A regular full pallet can handle up to 1,200 kilograms, and if you're dealing with a full-on oversized pallet, it can manage up to 2,000 kilograms.

Your goods can be pretty heavy and still fit snugly on a standard full pallet. That means it might need a forklift for handling, but it won't exceed the dimensions of a regular pallet.

Now, if your goods happen to be stretching the limits in terms of width and length, then it's time to consider booking an oversized pallet delivery. But here's the good news – we've got a nifty pallet calculator that can crunch all those numbers for you!


How much does oversized pallet delivery cost? 

Our pricing is tailored to your specific location (postcode) and the size of the pallet you want to send - whether it's a quarter, half, full, or oversized pallet.

Oversized pallets are a tad bigger than the standard full-sized ones, so there's a slight price difference.

For oversized items, this ensures your goods make their journey safely and arrive in one piece.

Keep in mind that each quote we provide is unique, covering both collection and delivery costs. Occasionally, these prices might see a tiny fluctuation due to network volumes and rates.


What are your pallet weight limits?

The weight of your goods will influence the pallet size you'll need to book. Here are each of our pallet sizes and their maximum weights:

  • - Micro Pallet: max. weight limit of 150kgs.
  • - Quarter Pallet: max. weight limit of 250kgs.
  • - Half Pallet: max. weight limit of 500kgs. 
  • - Full Pallet: max. weight limit of 1,200kgs. 
  • - Quarter Oversized Pallet: max. weight limit of 250kgs.
  • - Half Oversized Pallet: max. weight limit of 500kgs.
  • - Full Oversized Pallet: max. weight limit of 2000kgs.


Do forklift deliveries cost more? 

We can't arrange a forklift for collection or delivery - if your shipment weighs more than 1,000kgs, it's essential that you have a forklift on hand for both collection and delivery.

In case you're shipping an oversized pallet, make sure you have access to a forklift to help with the loading and unloading process.

Please be aware that if your shipment exceeds 1,000kgs and there's no forklift available, our driver won't be able to proceed until the necessary equipment is provided. Thank you for your understanding.


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