Who unloads the pallet upon delivery?

On delivery day, our driver will transport your pallet to the delivery location for you. You must ensure there is a secure and appropriate delivery point for our driver to unload your shipment prior to their arrival. 

Our delivery vehicles are fitted with tail lifts and they carry pallet trucks too, so when it comes to moving your freight from the truck to the delivery point, there should be no issues. 

From there, our driver will load your freight onto the tail lift with a pallet truck. This will help ensure that your pallet is moved safely from the delivery vehicle to your designated delivery point. 

Are There Weight Limits For Deliveries? 

Like most other pallet distribution companies, there are weight limits for deliveries and collections of freight - we can only handle so much. 

The maximum weight a tail lift can carry is 750 kilograms, thus if your freight weighs more than that but no more than 1,000 kilograms you will need to book a lift assist. Our drivers cannot handle and carry your goods if they exceed the maximum weight limit. 

If your freight happens to weigh over 1,000 kilograms then please ensure a forklift is available at both the collection and delivery points. 

Can You Deliver Pallets To Any Location? 

Again, like any other pallet courier we have some restrictions as to where we can deliver pallets. An example is the surface for delivery; this must be flat and constructed of either tarmac or solid concrete. 

No pallet courier can deliver pallets or move goods on a gravel drive or grass surface as it is unsafe to do so. The last thing we want is for your goods to become damaged as a result of our driver navigating unsafe ground to make your delivery. 

All our deliveries are kerbside and remember that our drivers are unable to enter your premises during the delivery. 

Will Your Driver Require Assistance? 

Our drivers will usually have everything under control. They will ensure your pallet is unloaded with no issues and as quickly as they can when they arrive.

However, if your freight proves tricky to handle, there is no harm in offering a helping hand; they will appreciate your assistance and may be able to get the job done sooner. 

What Happens If Nobody Is Onsite For Delivery? 

If you book a delivery of freight, you must always make sure there is somebody present and available on the day. We always advise customers to allocate a member of staff to assist our drivers with the handling of their goods. 

This will also give you peace of mind that our driver has arrived and delivered your pallet on time and that your goods are in good condition.

If there is nobody onsite on delivery day, our driver will be forced to return to the depot with your freight. You will then have to book another delivery. 

When booking another freight delivery under these circumstances, you will have to cover the cost of another journey to and from your site. 

How Long Will Delivery Take? 

Our drivers have a strict time frame of fifteen minutes to make their deliveries. This allows them to stay on schedule and keep on top of their workload, but also helps our customers as they can ensure the pallet is unloaded and their freight unpacked quickly. 

Once your pallet is unloaded, our driver will complete all the relevant paperwork and answer any questions you may have before heading off to complete their next freight delivery. 

In certain cases, our delivery service may take slightly longer than fifteen minutes. For example, if there are problems with unloading your pallet from the delivery vehicle, this process may take longer and thus, may cause small delays. 

How Do You Book A Delivery? 

Booking a delivery can be done in just a few minutes through our website. All you have to do is go to our homepage and enter the collection and delivery postcode - don't forget to select the correct country for both. 

At this point, you will request your free quote and be taken to the basket. You can then select any extras that you think you will need for the collection and delivery and proceed to the checkout. 

Before sending a pallet through our network, we would advise making sure you have booked enough pallet space and that you are happy with the estimated delivery date. 

If you need any further assistance when booking your delivery, contact us directly via Live Chat below. 

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