Who Unloads the Pallet upon Delivery?

On delivery day, our driver will transport your pallet to the delivery point for you

Please make sure the delivery premises can be accessed easily by our drivers with no issues. 

Are there weight limits for delivery? 

Like most other pallet distribution companies, there are weight limits for deliveries and collections of freight - we can only handle so much. 

The maximum weight for full and oversized pallets is 1,200kgs.

This is 250kgs for quarter pallets and 500kgs for half pallets.

Can you deliver pallets to any location? 

Like any other pallet courier we do have some restrictions when it comes to delivery. 

For example, we can only deliver on flat ground ideally constructed of either tarmac or solid concrete. 

For the safety of your goods and our delivery drivers, we will not attempt to deliver on gravel driveways or grass surfaces. 

All deliveries are kerbside and our drivers are not insured to enter your premises during the delivery. 

Will the driver need assistance? 

Our drivers always have everything under control, so there’s no need to worry! 

They will ensure your pallet is loaded with no issues, as quickly as they possibly can.

However, if your goods prove tricky to handle, there is no harm in offering a helping hand.

What if nobody is onsite for delivery? 

When you book a pallet delivery, please make sure someone can be present on the day. 

Where this is not possible, we kindly ask that you advise of a safe place for our driver to deliver your goods. 

You can do this by adding booking notes before checking out or by getting in touch on Live Chat.

If there is nobody present at the time of delivery, our driver will be forced to return to the depot with your freight and you will be charged for missed delivery and a further second attempt.  

How long does delivery take? 

Our drivers are given just 15 minutes to complete each delivery. 

This allows the driver to stick to their schedule and keep on top of their workload, so it’s important that you don’t waste any time; Please make sure you’re ready to accept the goods. 

Once your pallet is unloaded, our driver will complete all the relevant paperwork and answer any questions you may have before heading off to complete their next delivery. 

For further advice and support, please get in touch with us directly. 

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