Who Unloads the Pallet upon Delivery?

On the big day of delivery, our friendly driver will take care of getting your pallet to its destination.

Just make sure the delivery spot is a breeze for our drivers to reach without any hiccups.


Are there weight limits for delivery? 

Similar to many other pallet distribution companies, we've got some weight restrictions for both deliveries and pickups of freight.

For full and oversized pallets, the max weight allowed is 1,200 kilograms.

Quarter pallets, on the other hand, can't exceed 250 kilograms, while half pallets have a weight limit of 500 kilograms.


Can you deliver pallets to any location? 

Just like any other pallet courier, we've got a few rules when it comes to deliveries.

First off, we can only drop off your goods on a nice, flat surface – think smooth tarmac or solid concrete. We're all about keeping your goods and our drivers safe, so we won't risk it on gravel driveways or grassy patches.

When we bring your delivery, it'll be kerbside eonly. Our drivers aren't insured to enter your premises. 


Will the driver need assistance? 

Rest assured, our drivers have got everything under control, so you can relax without any concerns! They'll make sure your pallet is loaded smoothly and as fast as possible.

But, if your goods happen to be a bit challenging to handle, it's totally fine to lend a hand if you wish.


What if nobody is onsite for delivery? 

When you schedule a pallet delivery, make sure there's someone around on the delivery day.

If that's not doable, please let us know where our driver can drop off your goods safely. You can either add a note when you're booking or send us a message on Live Chat.

If our driver shows up and there's no one there to drop off your goods, they'll have to send it back to the depot. And, unfortunately, that means you'll be charged with a missed delivery fee.


How long does delivery take? 

Our drivers have a tight 15-minute window to wrap up each delivery. This ensures they can stay on track and manage their workload effectively. So, it's crucial not to let any time slip away. Be prepared to accept your goods promptly.

Once your pallet is off the truck, our driver will handle all the necessary paperwork and gladly address any queries you might have before hitting the road for their next delivery.

If you need more guidance or assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly. We're here to help.


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