How much does it cost to send a pallet to Ireland?

The cost of sending a pallet to the Republic of Ireland can vary depending on which county you are sending to.

The senders location in the UK will also have a baring on the price. Each part of the UK is divided into zones and priced separately.

When getting a pallet delivery quote from our website, please enter the postcode for a UK location and a the county name for the Irish location.

We currently offer a service for pallet delivery into Ireland.

This service is for business to business or business to residential.

We do not have a service offering in Ireland for private goods.

We cannot send from one residential customer to another.

We require at least one side of the delivery to be a company with a valid EORI number.;

Export paperwork costs are covered within our price.

Customs fees are decided when passing through customs. Generally it's around 20% of the total value of goods.

EORI (Economic Operators' Registration and Identification)

You will need a valid EORI number if sending from the UK to Ireland.

You can get an EORI number for free from the UK government website.

It can take up to three days for this number to activate.

Please prepare ahead of time if you wish to send goods to Ireland.

Valid UK EORI numbers start with the letters GB and link to the companies VAT registration number. Irish EORI numbers start with IE.

Sending from a business to a business?
The UK business must have an EORI number starting with GB.

The Irish business must have an EORI starting with IE.

You will need to include both valid EORI numbers on your commercial invoice.

Sending from business to a residential address?
Enter your valid UK EORI number for the exporter.

You can use the default residential EORI for Ireland on the importer details. This will be IE000000 (six zeros).

You must include both EORI numbers on your commercial invoice.

You must use DDP incoterms (International Commercial Terms) when sending to a residential customer.

This will make the exporter accountable for any potential customs costs. Please be aware of this prior to sending.

Commercial Invoice

It is vitally important that you understand what is required on a commercial invoice when sending goods to Ireland.

Should you miss any detail the paperwork will be rejected by customs and delays will ensue from this.

  1. Full product line list.
  2. Commodity codes for products (there must be full 10 digit codes).
  3. Manufacturer country of origin.
  4. Full importer and exporter details, including addresses and names.
  5. Valid EORI numbers for both import and exporter.
  6. Value of goods.
  7. Incoterms to be used (explained below).
  8. Invoice number.
  9. Total weight.

Incoterms (International Commercial Terms)

You must enter incoterms on your commercial invoice. This lets the customs department know who is responsible for paying any potential customs fees.

We have listed the two most common incoterms that are used.

  • DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)
    This will make the exporter responsible for any customs charges. This option must be used when sending to a residential address.

  • DAP (Delivered At Place)
    This option places the responsibility of customs costs onto the importer of the goods. The receiver of the goods will be contacted for payment of customs charges prior to delivery.

You must include on of the above incoterms when sending pallets to Ireland with PalletOnline.

Please note that delivery dates on our website are estimated and may be delayed slightly if customs do not pass through as quickly as possible.

If you are looking to send goods to Northern Ireland please proceed as usual.

We process the paperwork for you in this case.

You can use a postcode rather than county when sending goods to Northern Ireland.

This concludes our introduction to sending pallets to Ireland.

Please contact us via live chat (bottom right of your screen) if you have any further questions.

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