Can You Tell Me More About Pallet Deliveries?

A pallet shipment is the cheapest means of distributing goods. 

Plus, you can relax knowing that PalletOnline is here to handle all your requirements without any fuss!

Our deliveries are swift and efficient for all bookings made with us.

To make things easier for you, we've addressed some common questions about pallet deliveries below:


What pallet sizes do you accept? 

When you're packing and loading items onto pallets, it's crucial to have the dimensions on hand before you secure everything. This step is pretty important because it helps figure out if you should reserve extra pallet space to make sure everything gets safely delivered.

Here are the maximum weight limits for each pallet size:

  • Quarter Pallet: has a maximum weight limit of 250 kilograms.
  • Half Pallet: has a maximum weight limit of 500 kilograms. 
  • Full Pallet: has a maximum weight limit of 1,200 kilograms. 
  • Oversized Pallet: has a weight bearing of more than 1,200 kilograms but must be handled via forklift.

When generating your pallet delivery quote, you must include the total weight of your items on the pallet. 

If your goods are too large for a standard full pallet, you may need to book additional full pallet spaces.


Can you book an oversized pallet space? 

We often handle oversized pallets within the Palletline network. To get these delivered, we rely on pallet trucks and forklifts.

Depending on how heavy your oversized pallet is, you have two options during checkout. You can choose the 'tail lift' option, and the driver will arrive equipped with a pallet truck. Alternatively, you'll need to make arrangements for forklifts at both the pickup and delivery points.

Booking an oversized pallet is a breeze, just like booking a standard full pallet. Simply visit our quote generator and select the 'oversized pallet' option.

If you're unsure about how many pallet spaces your goods will occupy, don't hesitate to reach out for assistance before proceeding to the checkout!


What can you send on a pallet? 

The variety of goods you can ship on a pallet is pretty extensive. You've got options ranging from car parts to confectionary, even home appliances, and the list goes on.

On the flip side, there are a few things that you wont be able to send on a pallet with us. We've got a no-go list that includes items like antiques, jewelry, cash, drugs, or personal stuff. These things are just too valuable to take any chances with.


How much does it cost to send a pallet? 

Our pricing is based on your postcode, pallet size, the number of pallet spaces you need, and any extra services you choose to include.

To get a personalised quote for your pallet delivery, simply fill out our online quote form. Please note that we can't take bookings over the phone.

Our quotes are hassle-free and don't include VAT. The final price, including VAT, will be displayed before you make your payment and will be confirmed in your order details.


How do you book a delivery? 

Booking online is a breeze – it's quick and easy! You can book your pallet delivery within minutes through our website.

To get started, just visit our homepage, input the pickup and drop-off postcodes, and specify how many pallet spaces you need.

Once your booking is confirmed, we'll send you an email confirmation with your Booking Reference and Order ID. These details are crucial for tracking your delivery progress!

If you ever need assistance with your quote, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat. We're here to ensure you're headed in the right direction.


What you need to know before booking… 

We must emphasize the importance of choosing the correct pallet size when placing your order.

Selecting the wrong pallet size can lead to delivery delays and, in many instances, may result in additional charges.

If you're uncertain about which pallet size is suitable for your needs, don't hesitate to reach out to us through Live Chat. We'll do our best to assist you.

Additionally, please ensure that there is a stable and flat surface for our drivers to work on.

It's crucial to note that our deliveries are limited to kerbside locations only. We are unable to make deliveries on gravel, grass, or in areas where safety is a concern.

To facilitate the smooth delivery process, please arrange for someone to be present to assist our driver both at the collection and delivery points.

If circumstances change after you've made your booking and you can no longer provide assistance, please contact us immediately via Live Chat.

Thank you for your cooperation, and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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