Do I Have to Sign for Damaged Goods?

If your goods have arrived damaged, you MUST advise the driver and sign a damaged goods delivery note.

By failing to let us know of any damage early on, we will be unable to process an insurance claim for you. 

Processing claims is much easier if we have all the information we need; The more details you provide, the sooner we can settle the claim.

Who can sign for damaged goods? 

The person at the delivery site, whether that’s you or someone you trust, can sign for damaged goods as a witness to help with your claim. 

Our drivers always do their best to deliver your goods undamaged, but occasionally, things can happen that are completely out of their control. 

While cases of damaged goods are highly unlikely with us, we still recommend having someone present at the delivery point to confirm the goods have arrived in pristine condition and that nothing is missing. 

Can you get a refund for damaged goods? 

We do not offer refunds for damaged goods.

Standard insurance covers up to £5 per kilogram of goods.

All insurance coverage is based on total weight, rather than the full value of your goods. 

How do you make a claim? 

If your goods have arrived damaged, you MUST contact us right away. 

But just before you reach out, please make sure you have the following at hand: 

  • - Proof of Cost Price - this must be an invoice that shows the price the goods were purchased or manufactured for
  • - Proof of Purchase Price - this should be an invoice that indicates the cost you sold the items at
  • - Evidence of Weight - you must provide us with proof of the total weight of your goods
  • - Photographic evidence of the damage 
  • - Details of mitigation, salvage or repair
  • - Any additional details that you can provide us with 

Once you reach out and have provided the above, our internal accounts team will take over and update you each step of the way. 

In the meantime, you can always send us a message on Live Chat for fast support. 

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