Do I have to sign for damaged goods?

If you have recently used our pallet courier services and your goods have arrived damaged at their destination, you must still sign the delivery note to accept the goods. We can then begin to process your claim. 

Making a note of the damage to your goods when signing for them is crucial, as without doing this, we will not be able to process a claim on insurance for you. 

Processing the claim will be much easier to do if we have all the information we need. The more details you provide us with regarding your damaged goods, the sooner we can settle the claim. 

If you need to make a claim on insurance for any damages, please contact us immediately. 

Who Can Sign For Damaged Goods? 

As long as there is somebody onsite at the time of delivery, this person can sign for damaged goods as a witness on your behalf. 

Although damaged goods are very unlikely with us, we still always recommend having somebody present for the delivery to ensure the goods have arrived with no damage and that nothing is missing. 

Our drivers will always do their best to deliver your goods safely and undamaged, but sometimes things can happen when least expected and we understand that this may be frustrating. 

Ensuring that somebody is present onsite on delivery day will help speed the process of settling the claim. 

Can You Get A Refund If Goods Are Damaged? 

We do not offer refunds for damaged goods. Standard insurance will allow you to receive some compensation for damage to your goods. 

You can switch to upgraded insurance at the checkout for a small additional cost. Upgraded insurance will cover your goods at £5 per kilogram. 

Please remember that freight insurance for all deliveries is based on weight as opposed to item value, but we will always do our best to settle the fairest claim. 

What Does Your Insurance Cover? 

Your freight insurance covers everything on your pallet and is calculated by weight. For example, per every kilogram of damaged goods, you will receive a fixed amount of money to compensate for the damage.

Items that your freight insurance would not cover are various types of glass, personal belongings, bullion, cash and similar items. 

As your insurance is based on weight, you will need to provide us with proof of weight when you contact us in order to process the claim. We need to know the exact weight of your goods to be able to calculate how much your insurance will pay out for the damage. 

How Do You Make A Claim For Damaged Goods? 

If your freight delivery has arrived at its destination and you discover that there is damage to your goods, you must contact us directly right away. 

Before you contact us to claim on insurance, please ensure you have the following bits of information at hand; 

  • Proof of Cost Price - this must be an invoice that shows the price of which the goods were purchases or manufactured 
  • Proof of Purchase Price - this should be an invoice that indicates the cost of which you sold the items
  • Evidence of Weight - you must provide us with proof of the total weight of your goods
  • Photographic evidence of the damage 
  • Details of mitigation, salvage or repair
  • Any additional details that you can provide us with 

Our friendly customer care team will always do their best to help and support you through the process of making a claim on insurance.

You can contact us via Live Chat for an instant response or by calling us directly. 

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