Do You Deliver on Weekends?

At present, we do not have a weekend pallet delivery service available. 

All deliveries are done between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

If your goods are collected on a Friday, they will then be delivered the following week, on the day quoted in your booking confirmation.

Can you collect my goods at the weekend?

Our pallet courier services exclude weekends and bank holidays, so collecting your goods on a weekend is simply not an option at the moment. 

Currently, we have no plans to provide a weekend collection service. However, we will of course let you know if this changes moving forwards. 

How do I ship a pallet?

Firstly, you must choose the right pallet size when requesting your unique delivery quote. 

The right sized pallet will be large enough to fit everything without overhanging any of the sides. 

You may also need to select more than one pallet, but you can use our simple pallet calculator to do the tricky maths! 

Then select the number of pallets and complete your order. 

On collection and delivery day, we’ll sort all the heavy lifting. You just need to remember to attach the shipping label.

How does pallet delivery work?

Pallet delivery means placing your goods or containers on a pallet and securing them using shrink wrap; And in some cases, strapping materials. 

This type of shipping is by far the safest means, but also the most cost-effective for thousands of businesses and individuals. 

What is the size of a pallet in the UK?

Standard UK pallets measure 1200mm x 1000mm (1.2m x 1m). 

Our pallet size guide is based on standard UK pallet dimensions.

Please make sure you have selected the right pallet size before checking out; You can use our simple pallet calculator for help with this. 

Alternatively, you can always send us a message on Live Chat if you need further assistance. 

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