What Is Upgraded Insurance?

What was known as 'upgraded' insurance is now included as standard for all pallet delivery bookings!

When sending a pallet delivery, worrying about insurance is only natural.

We understand the importance of ensuring your goods arrive in pristine condition, which is why all bookings are covered under our insurance policy. 

When sending anything of significant value, PalletOnline is the best choice. What was known as 'upgraded' insurance is now included as standard! This means your goods are now covered for up to £5 per kg in the rare event of damage or loss.


How is this different to what was known as standard insurance?

Standard insurance used to be £1.30 per kilogram, but as of 4th March 2022, standard insurance has been upgraded to cover up to £5 per kilogram.

Whether you often ship large numbers of goods or you are planning a one-off shipment of valuable items, insurance is a very important add on to have. 

Should the worst happen, you will receive up to £5 per kilogram for your goods. 

Regardless of insurance, all deliveries are undertaken with the Terms and Conditions of the Road Haulage Association (RHA) for added peace of mind. 


How do you calculate insurance coverage?

Insurance is based on the total weight of each shipment, rather than the total value of the items shipped.

In short - the heavier the shipment, the more your insurance will payout. 

Say, for example, your pallet weighs around 100 kilograms. At £5 per kilogram, you would get up to £500 back in compensation. 


How to make a claim - PalletOnline

Making a claim with PalletOnline is as simple as it should be. 

All you need to do is send a message through Live Chat, letting us know you intend to make a claim for loss or damage. 

From there, we will send you (via email) an incomplete claims form; You will need to complete this and send it back to us at your earliest convenience. 

Alternatively, if you are signed in to your account you can create a support ticket detailing that you would like to make a claim.

Please note - remember to note your claim details on the relevant Proof of Delivery document. 

Once you have done this, we can then process your claim.

You will also need to provide the following:

  • - Proof Of Cost Price - an invoice that shows the price the goods were purchased or manufactured for
  • - Proof Of Purchase Price - an invoice that shows the price the items were sold for
  • - Proof Of Weight - total weight of the damaged goods
  • - Photo evidence of the damage
  • - Details of mitigation, salvage, or repair
  • - Any additional details that you can provide us with

For more details regarding insurance or claims, please get in touch with us through Live Chat.

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