What is upgraded insurance?

When sending a pallet delivery, worrying about insurance is only natural and is something that millions of businesses concern themselves with every day.

We understand the importance of ensuring your goods arrive in pristine condition. Sometimes, standard insurance is not enough to compensate for the loss or damage of certain items.

Our upgraded insurance costs just £4 and will cover up to £5 per kilogram of items sent through our network; this is an upgrade in the standard £1.30 per kilogram.

The upgrade is available on all orders within the UK and Ireland. This add-on is available to purchase at the checkout.

How is This Different from Standard Insurance?

Standard insurance is limited to £1.30 per kilogram, but we understand that this is may not be enough to compensate for any damage or loss of some items in transit.

If you often ship large amounts of items, be it directly to customers or for personal reasons, upgraded insurance is something worth considering. In the unlikely event of your items becoming lost or damaged during their during, you will receive £5 per kilogram of those items when you make a claim.

This means that the more your items weigh in total, the more you will get back when the claim is processed - it's the better option if you are sending bulk loads, heavier goods, or even large numbers of valuable items for that matter.

Regardless of which type of insurance you opt for, all orders made with us are undertaken with the Terms and Conditions of the Road Haulage Association (RHA) for your peace of mind. We would be more than happy to provide you with a copy of these Terms and Conditions if required.

How Do You Calculate Insurance Coverage?

Insurance is determined by the total weight of each consignment. In short, the heavier the consignment, the more your insurance will pay-out.

For example, if your consignment weighed approximately 100 kilograms, at £1.30 per kg, you would get £130 in compensation if it became damaged or lost during transit. While if you were to upgrade your insurance to £5 per kg, you would receive £500 in compensation.

All shipments are covered with standard insurance, but if you are planning on sending a large number of items or anything of value, it is always worth considering the upgrade.

Plus, our upgraded insurance costs only £4 and you can easily add it to your basket at the checkout, too.

How To Make a Claim

When items are lost or damaged in transit, it can leave you worrying about whether you will get any compensation; and if so, how you should go about reaching out to make a claim.

Making a claim with PalletOnline is as simple as it should be. You can either call our customer service team or send a message through our Live Chat service.

Alternatively, if you are signed in to your account you can create a support ticket detailing that you would like to make a claim.

Please remember to note your claim details on the relevant Proof of Delivery document. Once you have done this, we can then process your claim with our network. You will also need to provide the following:

  • Proof Of Cost Price - an invoice that shows the price the goods were purchased or manufactured for
  • Proof Of Purchase Price - an invoice that shows the price the items were sold for
  • Proof Of Weight - total weight of the damaged goods
  • Photo evidence of the damage
  • Details of mitigation, salvage, or repair
  • Any additional details that you can provide us with

Of course, we always do everything in our power to avoid the need for a claim.

However, accidents that are beyond our control can sometimes, and unfortunately, happen when we least expect them.

In this case, we will work hard to provide you with a positive solution and resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

For more information regarding insurance, or to make a claim, please get in touch with us directly. Call us on 0845 658 0049 or send a message through our Live Chat service and we will be happy to assist you.

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