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Top 10 Pallet Delivery Tips

Top 10 Pallet Delivery Tips

Top 10 Pallet Delivery Tips Blog

When sending your freight on a pallet through a delivery network, you may have a few concerns that need ruling out. From pallet collection to pallet distribution, we can tell you everything you need to know about how to ship pallets in just ten easy steps. 


By following our top tips and the advice below, you will become an expert at pallet distribution in no time. 


1. Ask For Delivery Quotes

Regardless of who you turn to for easy pallet distribution services, asking around for prices to ship pallets is a great way to discover the best rates in and around your region. 

While some couriers are slightly behind the time and offer quotes upon direct customer requests, we understand our customers and their preferences more than ever before; we offer free instant quotes for our services via our website.


2. Select Correct Pallet Sizes

Above all, before you arrange a pallet collection or shipment you must ensure that you have selected the correct pallet size for your items. Your pallet size must be able to comfortably hold your items, with no overhanging on any of the edges and no gaps between any of the boxes either.


If your freight does not fit on a quarter, half, or standard full pallet then you will need to make the courier aware of this and ensure you have access to oversized pallets. Your items will need to be placed and secured onto oversized pallets if they simply will not fit comfortably on standard UK pallets.  


3. Check Courier Weight Restrictions 

All distribution companies that handle pallets have their own weight and height restrictions in place and usually, customers are able to view these on their website in advance to help them better prepare for their freight shipments. 


We have our own weight restrictions of 1,200 kilograms - anything heavier than this would need to be handled by a forklift and secured to an oversized pallet ready for collection. 


4. Maximise Space When Packing


Learning how to maximise space when packing your pallet for delivery is a great tactic and can stop you from spending unnecessarily on additional pallets that you may not even need. 


Obviously, you’re not going to squash as many boxes as possible on a singular pallet and hope that your items don’t become damaged in transit - this will happen if you pack too much in too little space.


All we’re saying is that you should utilise the space you do have efficiently and consider positioning boxes side by side to leave no gaps between. Gaps only increase the risk of damage to your items! 


5. Secure Your Items With Shrink Wrap

Of course, you can place your freight on a pallet and ship away to your heart’s content but if there is no extra protection, your items will be a guaranteed write-off when they reach their destination. We always suggest wrapping pallets with shrink wrap to prevent any shifting during the journey. 


6. Use Extra Strong Strapping To Prevent Theft 

By all means, you can leave this part out and just stick to shrink or stretch wrap to secure your freight during its journey, but surely you would want to opt for the most protection and avoid damage at all costs? Using extra strong strapping will not only provide more security for your items but will also help prevent and protect against theft - it can happen when you least expect it to! 


7. Get Familiar With Pallet Sizes

For your freight to be accepted through a delivery network with any courier, you should get familiar with the pallet sizes and know exactly which one you will need to secure your load to beforehand. Companies that handle pallets and ship them far and wide tend to have very busy schedules, thus they won’t be able to help if you fail to select the correct size before they arrive to pick up your goods. 


8. Be Onsite And Ready For Collection 

We would recommend making sure you’re onsite and ready for the pallet collection. Just like companies that collect unwanted items upon request, we will make one attempt to collect your pallet and if there is nobody present at the time, we will class that as a failed collection attempt. At this point, you will be charged for another collection attempt! 


9. Know The Whereabouts Of Your Shipment

We understand that our customers will want to know every movement our drivers make with their shipment, and with our online order tracking system, they can do just that. We always recommend checking in every so often to find out more about your order and where it's at. This can help you stay in the loop with any issues, delays or changes to your delivery date. 


10. Purchase Insurance For Your Shipment

Last but by no means least, we always advise our customers to purchase insurance just in case anything was to happen to our driver, the delivery vehicle and thus, your items. We have a super low damage rate so your freight is safe in our hands!