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Recycling Your Old Pallets

Recycling Your Old Pallets

Every year, countless pallets go to waste, which can cost you a considerable amount of money over time.

However, not only can you reuse those pallets for other purposes, but you can also recycle the old ones until they are useable again. 

Old pallets can be used on home DIY projects – or they can be dismantled in order to create new, second-hand pallets. 

You just need to know how to go through the pallet recycling process before taking other steps.

How to Recycle an Old Pallet

In order to properly recycle pallets, you will need to take them apart. For that, you will need the following tools: 

  • A hammer
  • A bolster
  • A wrecking bar
  • A pry bar
  • A pair of safety spectacles
  • A pair of gloves

You may use these tools to dismantle the pallet – the outcome being up to your preferences. 

The dismantled pieces can be used as part of your own DIY project – or you may use the good pieces of the old pallet to create a brand-new pallet to give to us as your pallet courier. 

The Stages for Recycling Your Pallets

After you have gathered all the tools you need, you can start the recycling process. Here are the steps that you have to follow:

Step 1
Using the bolster and the hammer, begin by loosening the nails connecting the wooden planks to the blocks. Remember to wear your safety glasses.

Step 2
Once the gap between the two is wide enough, pick up the pry bar. It might take some force to pry the plank off along with the nails. 

Step 3
Make sure that you remove all of the nails from the plank, as well as the blocks. Try to smooth the surface as much as you can.

Step 4
Repeat the first three steps with the other planks as well, until you remove all the planks on the top. 

Step 5
Using the same process, remove the blocks located at the centre. 

Step 6
Now that you have removed all the nails, you can begin using the dismantled pallets for any projects that you may have in mind. 

Questions & Answers

Wooden pallets are usually a mix of soft and hard woods. Oak is often used for the loading parts due to its strength, whilst southern yellow pine is used for non-load bearing parts. Pallets can also sometimes be made from plywood is formed by different layers of soft and hard woods.

Pallets can be picked up quite cheaply if you shop around. Of course, recycling your own pallets can save you money in the long term.If you need a pallet courier service, then head to our home page to get your free pallet quote today.

Pallets can be bought from multiple places, whether it is industrial areas, a construction site or a wholesaler.Shipping a pallet or pallets across the UK and Europe is what we do best. We are also more than happy if you want to provide your own pallet when using our services.

Our pallet delivery service involves transporting your goods from one destination to another. As a pallet courier, we place your goods or containers on a pallet before strapping and shrink wrapping them.

National shipping is when your goods are shipped from one national location to another.We offer same day collection and our pallet courier network will ensure that your goods are looked after professionally.

Pallets can come in different shapes and sizes, but the wooden pallets we use are the most common.You can check out the standard wooden pallet specifications in our help section, along with all you need to know about pallet sizes.