Amazon FBA - Why Should I Use PalletOnline?
Thursday 16th July 2020 | View all Blogs

We can offer a proven shipping method that takes all of the hassles out of selling on Amazon; FBA pallet delivery has never been easier!

Our expert team provides a highly professional service, helping hundreds of Amazon sellers distribute their goods directly to Amazon Fulfilment Centres across the country.

Amazon sellers all over the country have experienced issues when shipping to Amazon in the past, but thanks to PalletOnline, you can create a brand-new shipping plan for your business. You can always count on our cost-effective Amazon pallet delivery services!

Let us solve all your problem with our revolutionary Amazon FBA customer service.

Here are just a few reasons why you should use PalletOnline...

Same Day Collection

Regardless of what you are shipping, there is always the pressure of getting your goods into Amazon as quickly as possible; this pressure is even higher during peak times as you face seasonal delays.

Trying to deliver your goods to Amazon at certain times of the year and expecting a quick turnaround is tricky, so it is always better to have everything collected sooner rather than later. This will help speed the process up and will give you peace of mind that your goods are safe and ready for delivery as soon as Amazon confirms the delivery date.

If your order is placed before 11:45am on a weekday, we will come and collect your pallet on the very same day. You can request a later collection date if you wish, however, the sooner your goods are collected the better.

Booking before 11:45am and getting a same-day collection for your goods means that you can finally start the shipping to Amazon FBA process. Plus, this can hopefully be a faster process as we have direct access to all Amazon fulfilment centres across the UK.

Affordable Solution

You can save a lot of money when using our pallet delivery services. As well as providing a high-quality service, we pride ourselves on being very cost-effective.

Hundreds of businesses who choose our pallet delivery services typically save more valuable time and money. PalletOnline offers some of the most competitive rates for Amazon FBA deliveries in the country and our customer service is second to none!

Furthermore, it is better to ship your products via pallets rather than loose cartons. This will reduce shipping charges and you will see a much better return on investment. Plus, it's much easier to keep track of a pallet load compared to loose cartons; everything arrives together, and on time.

Approved by Amazon

Our dedicated team of drivers are approved by Amazon to distribute goods. We operate a courier service that has been successful over a long period and is trusted by thousands of people across the country.

The service is specifically designed for LTL deliveries, but we will look to cater to every order based on your demands.

Friendly Customer Service

We remain completely committed to providing the best service for all our customers. We are always on hand to answer any queries about your orders and help reassure should you have any concerns.

Developing your trust is important to us, and we will do our utmost to help all of our customers. We will also provide you with important information, such as how to request a Bill of Lading and how to label products correctly for your Amazon FBA shipment.

Efficiency and Reliability

Amazon sellers need to know their case packed products are safe and secure. Our reliable Amazon FBA offering will ensure that your goods are in the best hands from collection to delivery.

Your products will be handled professionally by our couriers, who will work efficiently to ensure that your order reaches the designated fulfilment centre on time.

We take great pride in our level of reliability. You can rely on us to answer any questions you may have regarding your Amazon FBA shipment or even our services in general.

Amazon FBA Preparation

Did you know that we can also help you to look after the process of getting your inventory ready on time? We can advise you on Amazon's packing restrictions and regulations before you begin packing your pallets for your FBA shipment.

With our help (and a little help from Amazon's packing requirements), you will easily avoid any delays in getting your goods into the right Fulfilment Centre. Not to mention that you will significantly reduce the risk of Amazon rejecting your shipment by following their rules!

Plus, you will able to monitor stock levels at all times with our highly sophisticated order system.

Amazon Pallet Delivery Delays UK

There have been some recent Amazon FBA delivery delays in the UK due to high volumes of freight entering the Fufliment Centres. We are currently working alongside Palletline and Amazon to seek a positive, but more importantly, the best solution.

If you have experienced an Amazon FBA delivery delay, please contact us for more information. We will be able to provide you with the most recent update regarding your shipment, including when to expect delivery to take place.

You can send a message using our Live Chat service for a fast response. Our friendly customer care advisors are available Monday - Friday, between 9am and 5pm should you wish to chat with us!