Pallet Collection - Premium UK Service

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Oversized240cm x 100cm, 220cm tall, 1,200kg.

Instant quote is for 10 pallets or less. Proceed for a groupage quote.

Oversized pallets must booked
as full pallet spaces.

All pallets must have standard UK lifting access depth from all sides.
Pallet Size Guide.

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Pallet Collection in the UK

Pallet Collection - Premium UK Service

PalletOnline provides fast and efficient pallet collections within the UK and Ireland. An online pallet collection service designed just for you. 

All collections are automatically insured. Payments are encrypted inside our fast and protected checkout structure. Collecting goods is now easier than ever before, no matter what the pallet size. 

Your freight will be collected by our friendly and experienced drivers. It’s time to utilise our industry leading collection services. 

About Our Pallet Collection Services

As one of the best pallet collection companies, our services are second to none. We always strive to offer a thorough but professional service, collecting pallets as quickly and safely as we possibly can. 

We can even collect your goods the very same day as long as you book your collection before 11:30am between Monday and Friday. 

Out of all the companies that can collect pallets, we provide cost-effective solutions to collecting palletised freight all throughout the UK and Europe. 

What Should I Do If I Need A Pallet Collecting? 

Are you thinking ‘I need a pallet collecting’ but not sure who to turn to? You can book a collection for your pallet through our website today. 

Our booking process is unbelievably fast and straightforward, so booking the collection of your pallet could not be easier to do. 

Simply go to our homepage and fill in the details required. You will need to enter the collection postcode and select either the UK or Ireland as the country for collection. 

Once you have provided us with those details, we will need to know how many pallet spaces you require on our collection truck. 

Finally, if you are happy with your pallet delivery booking you can then continue through the checkout and let us do the rest. 

How To Get Your Free Instant Pallet Collection Quote

If you are looking for companies that can collect pallets, PalletOnline is the best solution! You can get a free instant quote for the collection of your pallet through our website. 

Cost of collection is calculated automatically through our quote generator; we base this on the weight of your items, pallet space and how far our drivers would need to travel to collect your pallet. 

Once you are happy with your free instant quote, go ahead and book the collection of your pallet with us. We are amongst the most trusted pallet collection companies around. 

If you need any help or advice, we would be more than happy to assist. You can contact us via Live Chat below or by calling us directly for more details on collecting pallets in the UK and Ireland. 

Reliable Euro pallet delivery services.

We can make a delivery to any of the following locations...

BE Belgium
FR France
DE Germany
IE Ireland
IT Italy
NL Netherlands
NO Norway
PL Poland
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