Best Type of Pallet for Pallet Deliveries

Best Type of Pallet for Pallet Deliveries


Contrary to popular belief, pallets aren’t created equal. That is to say, the pallet you would use for transporting fruits and veggies might not be suitable for transporting engine spares. In this view, before prepping for pallet delivery, ensure that your chosen pallet is suitable for your load. It’s actually essential to assess the advantages and disadvantages associated with each category of pallets, in order to make a sensible decision.

What Type of Pallet Addresses My Needs?

The answer to this question depends on two elements. For one thing, your budget is an important factor in the equation. Secondly, the type of goods, of course, matter just as much.

·         Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are the most popular in the industry. This is why they are oftentimes referred to as standard pallets, as most shipping companies use them. The degree of practicality and versatility of wooden pallets is high. That is to say, they are affordable, which is a major advantage.

Secondly, repairing them is easy. This means you can reuse them for numerous times, granted that the pallet courier has handled them accordingly. In other words, if a plank is broken, then nailing a new one is doable. Furthermore, even after reusing the pallets for numerous times, you can upcycle them and utilise them for a different purpose.

Let’s move on to another advantage, namely that wooden pallets are ideal for transporting heavy loads. They are sturdy, easily handling up to 1000-kg loads. Concurrently, these pallets can be made from recycled wood, which is something worth considering especially if you’re concerned about the environment.

What are the disadvantages of wooden pallets, though? Since there’s no such thing as a perfect product, the pain point of these pallets is that they’re quite heavyweight.

Keeping them clean can be a challenge as well. In contact with water, for instance, wood is prone to develop bacteria that affect its structure.

Shrinkage issues could also be problematic, depending on the specifics of your pallet delivery service.

Presswood Pallets

Another alternative worthy of your attention would be presswood pallets. To a given extent, they differ from standard wooden pallets specifically because they are moulded into a given shape. This is what makes them much more lightweight, something that the pallet courier will most likely appreciate.

Thanks to their design, you can stack them more efficiently, and maximise the space you have at your disposal. In comparison with standard wooden pallets, presswood pallets are 60 percent more lightweight, not to mention that they are just as sturdy.

Nevertheless, the fundamental disadvantage is that they are prone to decompose, specifically if they are left out in the rain.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, choosing the right type of pallet for the pallet delivery service is critical to ensure that your goods are transported safely. This is why you should take the time to assess the alternatives you have at your disposal and choose the one that addresses your needs.

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