5 Reasons to Choose a Pallet Courier
Thursday 17th December 2020 | View all Blogs

Whether you run a business that ships goods regularly, or you need a quick and easy solution to sending multiple items all at once, choosing a pallet courier is your best option and will ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Before you decide on a means of getting your deliveries from A to B, we thought you should know exactly why a pallet courier is your best option when it comes to forwarding freight from one region to another.

1) Cheaper Than Other Express Shipping Services

Let’s say that you’re in a rush to send a pallet from the UK to another region; a pallet courier is more than capable of collecting the same day you book and can often deliver the next day!

Albeit, there are other companies that offer overnight or express shipping services but these come at a cost compared to the prices offered by reputable pallet delivery companies.

Pallet Shipping is Cheaper Than Express Parcel Shipping

As it stands, pallet courier services usually come with several delivery options and offer businesses much more flexibility when sending a large amount of goods to regions far and wide.

While on the other hand, a normal parcel delivery would effectively cost you more as many couriers charge per package and parcel you send with them.

Naturally, many businesses endlessly search for a simple solution to shipping goods at cost-effective rates but want the added peace of mind that their goods will be safe and secure as they make their way through the pallet shipping network.

2) Pallet Couriers Usually Work Around the Clock

In order for their collections and deliveries to run smoothly, pallet couriers tend to work around the clock - even through the night and early hours of the mornings.

As tired as they may be at times, pallet couriers work tirelessly hard to make sure they offer the very best delivery service to each and every one of their customers.

Sometimes, this means working long hours through the night to be able to get your items from the depot to their destination on time - they are the definition of hard workers!

Working around the clock typically means that pallet couriers have much more experience in handling and shipping items than most people.

As long as you adhere to their terms and conditions, their experience and knowledge will certainly prove worthwhile.

3) Offer Customised Services to Suit You

Ordinary couriers mostly offer the same old services and their customers are forced to work with their standard delivery and collection times, even if they know their goods won’t arrive when they want them to. However, with most pallet delivery services you can select exactly when you want the goods to be picked up and delivered too!

Customised Pallet Courier Services

Whether you want day delivery, PM delivery, morning delivery or a next day service, even the cheapest pallet delivery companies tend to offer this much flexibility when arranging to send items through their network - you can simply select when you book with them.

Not only that, but most pallet couriers have options to accommodate an oversized pallet, so if you struggle to squeeze everything onto full pallets, this will ensure that your items travel safely through their delivery network without getting damaged.

Plus, even with cheap pallet delivery you can always add on additional support for your delivery when you book, i.e. tail lifts and forklifts, should you need to.

4) Courier Insurance Means You Can Claim for Damage or Loss

Sending goods and such items yourself can lead to damage, loss and all sorts of complications.

Unless you have searched high and low for a trusted insurance company, your items wouldn’t be insured and unfortunately, there would be no chance of getting back what you lost.

With most freight delivery companies, your goods are automatically insured with the most basic type of pallet courier insurance before they travel through their network, just to be on the safe side!

Plus, it gives you that added peace of mind that your goods are in safe hands. 

Remember, all pallets must be either shrink wrapped or covered in similar film to ensure their safety before handing them over to the courier.

This way, there’s less chance of anything becoming damaged or lost before the goods reach their destination.

5) Split Cost with Shared Truckload Space

Nowadays, freight delivery companies are becoming more sustainable and are offering ways of reducing carbon footprints while cutting the cost of shipping goods using their services.

As a matter of fact, most of them are now sharing their truckload space to better serve multiple customers while helping them to keep your shipping costs to a minimum!

Split Cost Between Multiple Customers

So, not only are pallet couriers the cheaper option when it comes to reliable freight services but they are now working around the clock to make sure their services are some that every customer can afford without breaking their bank balance.

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