The Most Common Reasons for Missed Deliveries

The Most Common Reasons for Missed Deliveries

When a delivery is missed, it can leave you feeling frustrated but more so confused as to what went wrong.

As well as wondering if anybody else has ever missed their pallet shipment, you are likely to question why this has happened and if there are ways to avoid the same situation the next time around. 

Below we have put together some of the most common reasons for missed pallet shipments, to help put your mind at ease!

The Courier Has Run Into Trouble

While it can be easier said than done, try to keep an open mind if you are getting to the bottom of the cause behind a missed delivery. Just like you, the delivery driver is only human and sometimes they may stumble into trouble. 

We’re all human at the end of the day and accidents can happen to anyone. If your driver still hasn’t shown up and you are suspecting they have forgotten about your pallet, give the courier the benefit of the doubt. 

Rest assured, most pallet couriers or pallet shipping companies will always call if there is an emergency and may try to find another solution to honour the slot you initially paid for. Of course, this depends on if you choose the best option from your local pallet delivery companies. 

In most cases, if the driver has fallen victim to a long queue of traffic then they will let you know of this out of courtesy - they are likely to be just as anxious as you are! Usually, if this happens then the delivery won’t be missed or forgotten, just slightly delayed. 

You Weren’t Available On The Day 

As standard in the UK and Europe, all freight distribution companies will never assume which pallet is meant for them. Doing this could lead them down a complicated path and can not only cause problems for the customer, but for themselves too. 

It really doesn’t matter how many labels you stick on the side of your boxes, or how big you write ‘collection’ or ‘delivery’ on them, if there’s nobody onsite to tell the driver otherwise, they simply won’t handle them. 

If you frequently use pallet courier UK services to ship large amounts of freight, then you should know the number one rule by now. That is of course to be there at the time they carry out their pallet delivery service. 

Believe it or not, it’s just as important for you to be there at the time of delivery too. This is because the courier will need to know where to drop your pallet, and unfortunately, if no one is there then the delivery simply can’t be made. 

Someone Refused The Service 

When planning on sending a pallet or using reliable pallet services, trusting someone to accept your goods or see them off your site is all well and good. However, if that person fails to show up at the time and others aren’t aware of a delivery, somebody else may accidentally refuse the service. 

For a refused delivery, the courier will probably make a delivery note and report back to the depot that the delivery was refused on the first attempt. If you then choose to use the same pallet courier service twice, you may be charged for this too. 

On the flip side, if a collection is refused the courier may have to settle this with you another way. By this, we mean that they will probably ask questions to establish the reason why this happened and who made the initial decision.  

As well as the many questions from their customer service team, you may even be given other delivery options or asked if you would like the courier to make another attempt to collect your goods. 

For this to happen, you really should make sure someone is ready and waiting to help the courier determine which pallet they are collecting and how many of them for that matter. 

Lastly, although it may not have been your decision to refuse a collection or delivery, you still may face additional costs to book the service again. So, it’s better to be mindful of this next time around. 

What To Do If You Miss Your Delivery 

With all said and done, missing a delivery is frustrating and causes more stress than it’s worth, we know. But rest assured that the solution to this is cost effective and won’t take you too much of your time either. 

Start by contacting the courier of which you have shipped your pallet with - they will probably already know that there has been a problem with your order. 

If they’re not already one step ahead of you, remember that you will need to get another pallet quote as well as settling any additional charges you are faced with as a result. 

Under the circumstances, this is completely normal. You will still have to pay for the service even if the courier was unable to deliver your pallet on the date you initially selected.