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5 Reasons Why a Courier Refuses Goods

5 Reasons Why a Courier Refuses Goods

Rejected freight is enough to frustrate any customer. After leaving you with many unanswered questions, trying to unearth a logical explanation is easier said than done. 

You may have trouble putting your finger on why your goods are back at where they set out, particularly if the courier has ruled out any blame on their part. Rest assured that we’re here to help you find a reason behind your rejected freight. 

Forgetting To Mention Your Oversized Pallet 

When a courier has rejected freight, it can often be down to pallet size. For example, if you purchased a standard pallet size but your goods only just about squeeze onto an oversized pallet, then you should really make the courier aware of this beforehand.

An oversized pallet courier will be fully equipped and will have no struggle moving or carrying your pallet to their delivery truck. 

If you do fail to approach an oversized pallet courier or you ask a normal pallet delivery company to handle what they believe is a standard pallet, then problems will obviously arise if the pallet is larger than they had anticipated. 

There Was Nobody Available At The Time

Pallet couriers will refuse goods if there is nobody present at the time they arrive onsite. Most couriers will never just assume which pallet they are supposed to handle and therefore, they will leave empty handed if they are unsure. 

In most cases, they would rather not guess and may prefer to get it right the first time. So, if there’s nobody there to advise them on which pallet they need to handle and your goods happen to be refused, then this is likely to be the reason why.

You Have Packed Personal Effects 

Certain pallet couriers, if not all of them, do not allow personal effects in pallet shipments. This means all personal belongings, like jewellery, books, personal care items or simply anything that you’d miss if it happened to go missing or become broken. 

They tend to refuse them as they are not equipped to handle them. Not to mention that there are specialist personal effects pallet couriers you can rely on to handle your goods, so you should always make sure you have selected the right one before trusting them to collect and deliver your pallet altogether. 

The Goods Are Not Properly Wrapped

Another reason your goods have been refused could be due to a lack of proper wrapping. For your pallet to be accepted, it should be wrapped and packaged to meet your chosen couriers’ requirements. 

This usually means pallet shrink wrap and plenty of it too! Using pallet shrink wrap is easy and should be applied once you have secured all of your boxes to the pallet, ready to be shipped to your chosen destination. 

Also, it won’t hurt to double check that you have enough pallet shrink wrap to properly wrap your pallet in the future. After all, the last thing you would want is for this situation to happen again. 

Turning Up Late To Your Appointment 

If you turn up late, then the courier is likely to be unhappy and leave. Usually, they are given a strict time frame to complete their jobs so being on time will go a long way. 

On the contrary, if you were to leave them waiting then your courier may not only refuse to handle your pallet but they may even charge you an additional fee to come back another time and carry the same job out. With that said, make sure you are always on time!