International and National Pallets Service
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International and National Pallets with PalletOnline

At PalletOnline, we always aim to provide the very best delivery service for all of our customers.

Regardless of whether you want to ship goods to an overseas location or even a neighbouring city, our drivers are industry pioneers and will deliver your pallets in pristine condition and on time.

If you are new to our international and national pallet service and want to know more, then you have come to the right place.

Let's get started by delving into what our services are all about! 

International and National Pallet Service

As it stands, you can send a pallet through our delivery network to several locations within the UK and Europe, including countries like Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and many others!

International and National Pallet Delivery

Getting a quote for our international and national pallet service is as easy as can be! Simply head over to our homepage, enter the collection and delivery location postcode and select 'get quote'.

You will need your measurements at hand for the next part as you will be selecting the pallet size and number of spaces for your delivery.

Measurements should include the height of the pallet itself as well as the total height of your items, then you can work out which pallet size to select!

You must select the correct pallet size before confirming your booking details.

If your items overhang the pallet or exceed the maximum height limit for our network, your goods will be refused at the point of collection and you may still be charged.

If you need help figuring out the correct pallet size, you can always ask us!

We are industry pioneers and will be able to advise you on which pallet size your items would fit onto - we will advise you if your items are classed as oversized and will explain the process for this.

Once you have selected the correct pallet size, the number of spaces and total consignment weight, you will receive your free instant quote for your pallet delivery.

All quotes are automatically generated based on the weight of your goods, the size of your pallet (and the number of spaces) and the distance our drivers need to travel to complete delivery.

Our Same Day Collection Service

For all orders placed before 11:45am Monday to Friday, we offer same day collection.

We will pick your goods up on the day you place your booking and deliver them the very next day!

However, if you would prefer a later delivery date or there is a date more convenient for you, there are other options in the checkout. Simply select the best delivery date before confirming your booking details.

To take full advantage of our same day collection service for your pallet delivery, your order must be placed before the cut-off time (11:45am) on our website, then sit back and let us do the rest!

If your order is placed after 11:45am, you will not be eligible for same-day collection and you would need to select a later collection date from the options in your basket.

Pallet Sizes For National Pallet Deliveries

As you can imagine, there are strict height, width, length and weight limits for all pallet deliveries.

This is normally the case with all pallet couriers, no matter where or with whom you ship your goods.

Restrictions are generally put into place by our partner and network, Palletline.

We, as the courier, and all customers must adhere to these at all costs. If these rules and restrictions are dismissed, your goods may be refused altogether.

With this in mind, we thought you should know what the appropriate dimensions are before booking an international or national pallet delivery with PalletOnline.

Please see the below table that shows the correct pallet sizes:

Pallet Size Guide

When using our international and national pallet service to ship your pallet, please ensure you have selected the correct pallet size for your items.

This is crucial in making sure your items do not overhang the pallet, as if they do, your shipment will be refused entirely and you will be forced to repack and book the delivery again.

To work out the correct size and ensure you get it right the first time, begin calculating the total weight of your items.

If you are estimating the weight, it is always better to account for a larger weight. This will help prevent any issues past the point of collection, i.e. additional charges for items requiring a larger pallet or refusal altogether.

You should also work out the dimensions of your items and decide which pallet size would comfortably hold them during transit.

For example, if your items are 50cm tall and weigh less than 250 kilograms, you would select a quarter pallet so long as they do not exceed 1.2 metres by 1 metre (length and width).

If your items do exceed the maximum of 1.2 metres by 1 metre (length and width), then you would need to book an oversized pallet delivery. This is essentially additional full pallet spaces that accommodate for the extra length or width (or both).

Overhanging Pallets

For example, if your items exceed only the maximum length then you would need two full pallet spaces. While if both the length and width are exceeded, you would need to bump this up to four full pallet spaces.

Please let us know if you get stuck and need our help! We have a wonderful and friendly customer support team who work their hardest to look after our customers!

They will be able to advise you on how many full pallets you need to book based on the dimensions of your goods, helping you avoid any issues further down the line.

Whare Are The Pallet Packing Requirements

Before booking your pallet delivery, you must ensure that all items are stacked the correct way. This means that any boxes should be neatly positioned on the pallet, with the same number on each side and level, i.e. 4 boxes on all sides and 4 boxes on all levels of the pallet.

All loose items must be laid flat on the pallet and secured (ideally) with either ratchet straps or a strong rope.

If you are not sure how to position loose items on the pallet, don't be afraid to ask us for help! We will do our best to help you understand how to safely load and position your items without the risk of damaging them before reaching the delivery point.

Also, your items must not overhang the pallet. If your items exceed the maximum length and width of 1.2 metres by 1 metre (please see pallet size guide for details) then you must ensure you have selected the appropriate number of additional full pallet spaces in the checkout.

For example, if your items exceed only the maximum width OR length, then you would only need to book 1 additional pallet space (two full pallets).

Whereas if your items exceed both the maximum width AND length, then you would need to book 4 full pallet spaces - this is two full pallets for the width and two for the length!

Measuring Pallets

Overhang is overhang. Whether it's just a couple of centimetres or a couple of inches, no pallet courier will accept the risk of transporting items that are too big for the pallet they are sat on.

For this reason, we ask that all oversized items are placed onto the correct number of additional pallets and secured properly to prevent damage.

When everything has been loaded to the pallet and you are 100% confident that your pallet meets the requirements so far, you must then apply a good amount of pallet wrap.

This can either be shrink wrap or stretch wrap, but either option is fine - they do the same job!

Applying pallet wrap to your pallet once loaded is crucial when trying to prevent items from falling, coming loose or even becoming damaged in transit.

The pallet wrap will hold everything in place, offering additional protection and peace of mind that you have done all you can to protect your items for their journey.

When shipping loose items, such as furniture, we always recommend strapping them to your pallet before applying the pallet wrap. This will ensure there is no movement during transit, keeping your items from sliding around and potentially getting knocked around and damaged.

Though we do advise using ratchet straps, if any type of strap, to better secure your pallet, this is not an obligation.

Ratchet Straps

How you pack your pallet is entirely up to you and we can only advise you on what will and will not be accepted by our network, Palletline.

However, please do make sure you have applied a good amount of pallet wrap to your pallet before sending it through our network.

All pallets must be packed and wrapped to meet our requirements, otherwise, they may be refused at the point of collection.

Lastly, you must attach all the correct labels to your pallets.

For pallets to be shipped through our network and with no delays, you must print and attach all labels properly.

This includes making sure the label displays the correct details and that they are clear enough for our drivers and depots to read them.

If you have limited or no access to a printer, you can hand-write your labels out on a plain piece of A4 paper. Please make sure you have included all details displayed on the digital copy of your label and that your writing is well-presented.

For more information regarding our pallet packing requirements, please head over to our Help Centre. We have plenty of useful top tips and expert advice for you!

How To Send International and National Pallets

If you decide that you would like to send a pallet to a region overseas, you can book a national or international pallet delivery with us through our website.

All you need to do is head over to our homepage, select the delivery location, enter both the collection and delivery postcode and select 'get quote'.

From there, you will be prompted to provide a few details such as the weight of your goods and any other additional services before your quote is automatically generated.

Please ensure you enter the full collection and delivery address, along with the correct contact information.

We always recommend double-checking your booking details before confirming your order with us.

How To Track Your PalletOnline Delivery

Tracking your delivery with PalletOnline could not be easier!

Our dedicated in-house Web Developers are always working on improving our online tracking system to make the process easier - out with the old and in with the new, as they say!

In the meantime, to track a pallet delivery with PalletOnline, simply head over to our homepage and locate the tracking icon at the top right (next to the little person!). Clicking this icon will take you directly to our tracking page.

Pallet Delivery Tracking

From there, all you need to do is enter the Booking ID or delivery location postcode and our system will pull through all the relevant tracking info - from when your goods were collected and where they've been so far, to their current whereabouts.

Our order tracking page is the very best in the industry, saving you valuable time and offers much more convenience.

For more details or queries regarding our international and national pallet service or order tracking page, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We are available on Live Chat from Monday to Friday, between 9AM - 5PM and will always aim to respond promptly.

You can also call and speak with us directly for a more urgent response, or head over to our Help Centre and scroll through our help articles.

We have plenty of advice and guidance regarding booking a pallet delivery!