Pallet Delivery

International and National Pallets Service

International and National Pallets Service

International and National Pallets with PalletOnline

Here at PalletOnline, we always strive to provide the best delivery service for all customers far and wide. Wherever you want to send your goods, our drivers are industry-leading experts and will collect and deliver your pallet on time, and intact. 

International and National Pallet Service

You can send a pallet through our delivery network to many locations throughout the UK and Europe, including locations such as Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and many more! 

To get a quote for our international or national pallets service, go to our website homepage and select which region you would like us to deliver your goods to, where our drivers are collecting from and the correct dimensions of your pallet. 

From there, you will receive a free instant quote for your national or international pallet delivery. Your quote will generate automatically based on weight of goods, size of pallet and how far the driver has to travel to deliver your goods.

Our Same Day Collection Service 

If you place your order before 11:30am during the week, PalletOnline can come and collect your goods on the day of your booking and deliver them the very next day. 

To use our same day collection service for your palletised delivery, make sure you place your order before the cut-off time on our website, then sit back and let us do the rest. 

Pallet Sizes For National Pallet Deliveries 

As expected, there are specific height, width, length and weight limits for all pallet deliveries, no matter where you send your goods. 

With this in mind, we thought you should know what the appropriate dimensions are before making an international or national pallet booking with PalletOnline. 

When using our international and national pallets service to ship your pallet, please make sure you have selected the correct pallet size for your goods. 

To do this, calculate the weight of your goods, the dimensions of your boxes and decide which pallet size will comfortably hold your items during transit. 

How To Send International and National Pallets

If you decide you would like to send a pallet to a region overseas, you can book a delivery with PalletOnline through our website. 

Simply go to our homepage and choose the country where you would like to ship your goods, then select ‘get a quote’. 

For more information regarding our international and national pallets service or for queries about order tracking, please contact us directly on 08456580049. Alternatively, you can send us a message through our Live Chat and get an instant response.