5 Useful Facts - Shipping Pallets

5 Useful Facts - Shipping Pallets

Shipping pallets of goods can prove to be one of the best decisions you make for your business, or even yourself for that matter.

However, before you ship goods through a pallet courier, there are a few things you should know in order to make sure everything goes to plan. 

To help get everything on track and help you better prepare for shipping pallets with a pallet courier, we have mapped out a few top facts that we think you need to know! 

1) Most Couriers Only Accept Wooden Pallets

Regardless of which courier you choose for shipping pallets, most of them will only accept wooden pallets. This is because they offer more structural support and don’t break as easily as plastic pallets tend to do. 

Wooden Pallets

Before you arrange for a pallet courier to come and pick up your palletised items, it can be worth checking the pallet requirements with the company. 

They may accept plastic pallets, but as we mentioned earlier, most will only agree to handle wooden pallets as they are generally more accessible and are easier to move around in warehouses. 

2) It Pays To Make Sure Your Goods Are Fully Insured

Though pallet couriers will do everything in their power to make sure your items are shipped safely and reach their destination with no damage, sometimes things can happen when you least expect them to and things unfortunately can become broken if not packaged properly. 

Delivery Insurance

If the worst does happen, then you’d feel that much better if you knew your items were insured; it’s just not worth the risk! 

If details of insurance aren’t clear before checking out, then you must always ask the courier for more information first. 

3) Your Pallet Should Be Wrapped Before Shipping

Obviously, it is always advised that if you don’t know how to package and wrap a pallet properly that you have an expert do it for you.

Some couriers offer this service, but others may not and therefore, you need to work harder to make sure your goods are properly covered and protected if the worst should happen. 

Applying Pallet Wrap

Your pallet should be wrapped before you book a pallet shipping in UK based regions. If your chosen courier arrives to collect and your pallet is unpackaged and unwrapped, they can refuse to handle your pallet. 

So as to avoid frustration and wasted time when booking a pallet shipping in UK regions, always remember to wrap and package your pallet by at least the day before your courier is scheduled to make their collection. 

4) Shipping Freight Via A Pallet Courier Is More Cost-Effective

Can you imagine how much it would cost to send hundreds of packages with a standard shipping company? Never mind the price, how about the inconvenience of not knowing a definite collection date until the courier arrives? Exactly!

Shipping Via Pallet Courier More Cost-Effective

Ideally, you want to get more for your money and when shipping freight via a pallet courier, you will get your monies’ worth for sure. 

5)  There Are Some Things You Just Can’t Ship On Pallets

Quite often, couriers will tell you a whole list of items you can ship on pallets while things you just can’t send are not so often spoken about. 

Prohibited Goods On Pallets

Though that’s not to say that they are never mentioned, as all pallet couriers have a list of the items you can and can’t ship on a pallet; the list of things you can send is much larger than those you can’t send. 

For more information regarding pallet shipping with PalletOnline, please contact us directly via Live Chat or by calling. Our friendly customer care team will always be happy to help.