The Do's and Don'ts - Pallet Shipping

The Do's and Don'ts - Pallet Shipping

Prepping for pallet shipping can be tricky to master, especially if you are new to pallets! 

Before reaching out for help from a pallet courier to deliver your goods, there are a few things you should know. 

Although it's a common theme to look up the things you can't do when pallet shipping, it's also handy to look at the things you can do, too! 

How To Pack A Pallet 

Firstly, to pack a pallet properly, remember to maximise your space (use this well). 

To do this, be sure to invest in some additional packing materials as these will help eliminate gaps inside boxes - so there's no room for damage! 

Also, think carefully about where you place your items; This should be done in a certain way to avoid squashing anything underneath.

Gather the heaviest - not necessarily the largest - boxes and load them to the pallet first. Placing these at the bottom of your pallet will reduce the risk of your items arriving damaged. 

How To Pack A Pallet

Then, you can begin to load the others on top (in weight order). Start with the heaviest first and load the lightest last - make sure they're neatly stacked, too! 

Where possible, try to avoid loading boxes in pyramid shapes as pallets are moved several times before reaching the delivery point, and thus loose boxes are more likely to damage.

Top Tip: before shipping pallets, make sure you have PLENTY of pallet wrap. As a wise folk once said, ''it's better to have too much than too little!'' 

Plus, for engines and car parts, we'd recommend using ratchet straps to secure them. The same applies to all other heavy or loose items. 

What To Avoid When Packing Your Pallet

Realistically, if there are gaps between boxes, then there's room for movement in transit; This means there is plenty of opportunity for damage!

Avoid leaving gaps between boxes when loading your pallet. 

Avoid When Packing Your Pallet

You can do this by learning safe ways to position boxes on pallets or even watching a few tutorials of packing boxes on pallets.

When boxes slide around in transit, not only will the outer layer protecting your goods become damaged, but as will the items inside the boxes. 

So, take your time when loading boxes and make sure there are no obvious gaps.

What To Do For Same-Day Collection

By selecting collection on the same day your booking is placed, surely you intend to use the quickest service available. 

With this in mind, it's only fitting that you help speed the process up as much as possible by checking that you have everything required.

Same-Day Pallet Collection

Plus, the best way to allow a smooth same-day collection is by waiting at the collection site and ensuring easy access for the delivery driver. 

If ever in doubt, leave a note when booking your collection; Usually, you can leave details in 'booking notes'. 

That way, you'll be contacted right away if there are any problems.

What To Avoid With Same-Day Collection 

Despite the pressure of acting fast, it helps to have everything in order before collection. 

Avoid weighing your goods on the day of collection; You MUST do this before booking as you will need to select the correct pallet size based on weight.

This allows the courier to advise you on whether you will need additional equipment, i.e. a forklift, tail lift and such.

Not just that, but it will help the driver know what they're collecting and how much space they need to keep clear on their trailer. 

Moreover, avoid packing and wrapping on the day; Pallets MUST be ready at least the day before collection.

What To Do For Standard Collection 

Always be ready and waiting for your pallet collection

Collections can happen early in the morning or later in the afternoon (at any time). 

Standard Pallet Collection

If the driver shows up and you're not there to hand the goods over, you'll have to re-arrange collection and may even face additional charges. 

Also, make sure all shipping labels are attached! Without them, you run the risk of your pallets getting lost in storage. 

What To Avoid With Standard Collection 

Finally, silly as it sounds, avoid being late for your pallet collection

While the pressure is slightly less than same-day collections, if you need time to head over to the collection point to meet the driver, they may be forced to return to the depot empty-handed! 

In which case, additional charges will apply, and it will be down to you to arrange another attempt. 

Avoid missing collection by asking the driver for plenty of notice is a great idea; That way, you won't have to worry about rushing on-site to assist! 

To book your pallet collection, simply complete our simple online pallet quote form. 

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