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The Do's and Don'ts - Pallet Shipping

The Do's and Don'ts - Pallet Shipping

Pallet packing and shipping can be a tricky process to master, particularly if you are new to pallets and you have never felt the need to approach a pallet courier to assist with the shipping of your freight. 

However, before you contact a courier to deliver goods to your chosen destination, there are a few things you need to know. 

While most pallet couriers will tell you what you aren’t allowed to do when using their services, they don’t always mention the things you can do. So, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about the do’s and don’ts of pallet shipping

How To Pack A Pallet 

First of all, when learning how to pack a pallet you should remember to maximise your space. Use the space that you have, wisely. To do this, pack as many items on your pallet as you possibly can - make sure it’s safe though! 

You will also want to make sure you place the heaviest items on the bottom of the pallet, as if they are sat above the lightest items, you will run the risk of damaging your goods before they even reach their destination. 

Before shipping pallets, make sure you have enough pallet wrap and ideally, some ratchet straps too. Pallet wrap is also referred to as shrink or stretch wrap and is used to cover freight before securing it to a pallet with ratchet straps. 

How Not To Package Your Pallet 

Pallet packing, when done properly, should see no gaps between items. Gaps mean a higher damage risk, which you obviously want to avoid at all costs. Not to mention that if you leave gaps, pallet overhang will become more likely. 

Pallet overhang will only cause damage to your goods, or worst-case scenario, to pallets that belong to other customers. 

What To Do For Same Day Collection

If you request a same day collection, it’s only wise that you help to speed the process up as much as you can. Waiting at the collection site and making sure the delivery truck can easily access your land is the best way to allow a smooth running pick-up on the day. 

If you are even unsure of anything, leave it on the collection notes for the courier. They will always help you, after all, that’s what you hire them to do! 

What Not To Do For Same Day Collection 

Despite the pressure to act fast, don’t forget to weigh your pallet before collection! You should always weigh your goods before even booking a collection as the courier will need to know which pallet size they are catering for and handling on the day. 

You should also avoid leaving the driver waiting for you to finish pallet packing and wrapping your goods. This should already be done and everything should be ready before the courier arrives at your location to collect your pallet; that way, there are no delays. 

What To Do For Standard Collection 

Always be ready for your pallet collection. They can happen early in the morning or later in the afternoon, at any time. 

If you happen to miss your collection slot, the chances are that the pallet courier will ask you to cover the cost of an additional collection - this is more to cost the expenses of getting the delivery truck to you a second time! 

Also, as we mentioned before it pays to know roughly or even exactly how much your pallet weighs and its dimensions too. 

What Not To Do For Standard Collection 

It is vital that you are not late for your standard pallet collection. Although not as speedy as a same day pallet collection, if you are late and the courier is waiting on you, they may leave without your pallet and return to the depot empty-handed. In which case, you will probably be charged an additional fee.

You should get plenty of notice from the courier well in advance, so missed or prolonged collection is very unlikely.