Save On Your Shipping Costs

Save On Your Shipping Costs

As a supplier or retailer, the cost of shipping goods may be higher than you'd like but there are easy ways of reducing that cost.

It's no secret that shipping items weekly can be costly, particularly if those items weigh more than just a few pounds, right?

At this point, you may have to consider new ways and practices to get your hands on a cheap and reliable pallet delivery service.

But when it comes to delivering pallets, there are many other things you should consider to determine the best shipping cost, including the safety of your goods.

Here are some of our best tips on how to save on shipping costs!

Let's dive straight in!

Reuse Your Packaging

While it sounds obvious, it pays to save any packaging that you get with deliveries, i.e. bubble wrap, peanuts, air pockets, brown paper and such other protective materials.

These spare protective materials that are otherwise just thrown away can be used again and again to properly pack your pallet.

Plus, you won't have to worry about spending unnecessarily on protective packing materials as you will have gotten these free of charge from previous deliveries.

Materials like packing foam, bubble wrap, empty cardboard boxes and such can be quite costly if you have to buy them regularly. Just remember to put them aside as and when they come in!

Accuracy of Weight and Description

Weighing and describing your packages correctly will save you money on every pallet delivery - why? There's a simple reason for this.

There's a chance you can be overcharged if you guess the weight of your goods, and if you enter the wrong description, your goods may be refused and this will cost you even more money!

When you send a pallet delivery through your local pallet courier, it is always better to be as accurate as possible when generating your quote.

The more accurate and honest you are, the lower the shipping rates will be for the items you are sending - make sense?

Being honest and accurate is always a good trait to have! It will significantly reduce the risk of being overcharged and will lower your overall expense.

Get Your Hands on a Label Printer

You may already know that packaging slips can be quite expensive, so why not make your own?

A label printer is great when it comes to saving on shipping costs and reducing the fulfilment time of a shipment.

Not to mention that the more intricate the label printer, the fewer issues you will have to deal with.

You must make sure your labels are printed and presented clearly on all shipments.

The courier, depots, hubs and drivers have to read the labels and they need to be clear enough to quickly scan over.

Package Consolidation

A consolidated package means that the products will be shipped in fewer, optimally-sized parcels. Naturally, you will need to step-up your inventory management skills to take full advantage of package consolidation.

Plus, if you consolidate your packages properly, you may even find it cheaper to ship several parcels rather than just one big single parcel.

Packing as many items into one box as possible will massively reduce your shipping costs! Remember not to overload your boxes, though, as this may cause damage in some cases. 

Package consolidation will also help make sure your items travel safely through the network - how does this work, exactly

Since there's limited space inside each box, there should be no room for your items to move around during transit, particularly with all the packing materials you will be re-using! 

Purchase Shipping Labels Online

When it comes to saving both time and money, you can always rely on getting your shipping labels online.

First of all, you won’t have to make countless trips to the post office every time you need to ship something. Let's be honest, who has time for that?

Moreover, shipping labels are generally cheaper when purchased online and printed through your online provider of choice.

Most pallet couriers will include labels in their shipping costs. All you need to do is confirm your booking and they will normally send over your labels promptly.

From there, just print the labels out and put them on your shipment. You can then rest assured that your goods are headed exactly where they need to be going.

As you can see, saving on shipping costs is not that difficult a task. You just have to follow our simple tips and you will be good to go.

More About PalletOnline

When it comes to pallet shipping, we are renowned for offering the most reliable, efficient and reasonably priced services in the UK and Ireland.

As a leading industry pioneer, we offer some of the most competitive shipping rates and can help you save money when sending pallets to regions of the UK and Ireland.

Plus your goods will be in the best hands with us! We are trusted by thousands to collect and deliver pallets on the day stated, handling your goods professionally and with the utmost care.

Professional and cost-effective pallet couriers are few and far between, but you are in the best hands with PalletOnline. We strive to meet every delivery time.

The bottom line? You will save money using our services!

How To Book Your Pallet Delivery

Booking a pallet delivery with PalletOnline is easy! All you need to do is head straight to our homepage and request your free quote there.

To do this, simply enter the collection and delivery location postcode and select 'get quote'. From there, you will be prompted to enter the total weight and add any extras to your basket.

At this point, you must make sure you have measured up properly and selected the correct pallet size for your items. You can always check in with us if you are unsure!

We also offer a Pallet and Wrap service in certain regions for those who are not able to supply their own pallet and pallet wrap material.

The Pallet and Wrap service can be added to your order in the checkout (if available in your region) on normal pallet deliveries.

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service with Amazon pallet deliveries - the vendor must pack and wrap all pallets themselves.

For more details regarding sending a pallet delivery with PalletOnline, please visit our Help Centre. Or simply give us a call and speak with a member of our exceptional customer support team directly!