Avoid Pallet Courier Hidden Costs

Avoid Pallet Courier Hidden Costs

If you have a company that relies on partnerships for transportation, you must know exactly how you should manage your pallet courier costs. Moreover, avoiding the hidden costs is crucial if you want to hold on to the profitability of your company. Here are some tips and tricks that might be able to help you out in this respect.

Get Everything in Writing

It's one thing to talk about the terms – and another to have them all in front of you. This is why you should insist that your pallet courier prints the terms of their services for you to see. In the event that the pallet shippingcompany over-charges you later on, you will at least have official proof in order to get your money back. Plus, you will see exactly what should appear on the purchase bill – and what should not.

Wrap it Up

Before the pallet courier comes to pick up the pallets, you should make sure that it's all tight under the wrap before they arrive. Not only will it give you some piece of mind that the cargo won't be damaged, but it will also save you extra costs. The courier's purpose is to deliver the pallets, not to wrap them.

The Delivery Date

To avoid any hidden courier costs, you should know exactly how soon they will deliver your order. Once more, make sure that you have everything in writing – including the delivery date. This way, they will price it accordingly to the date that you set for them. Last but not least, if the delivery is time sensitive, you may want to build in an extra day or two – just to prevent any unforeseen delays.

Weight and Dimensions

Whenever someone wants to send a pallet, they will be very careful with the measurements and weight. The higher these numbers go, the more you will have to pay in courier costs. The secret to avoiding pallet courier hidden costs is to know exactly how much the shipment weights and measures. If it's heavier or of a different size than it was originally estimated, then the person in charge with the payment will have to deal with extra costs.

Be There

If you're not there to receive the pallets on the day that it was agreed upon, or if you haven't finished prepping the pallets for transport yet, then it is very likely that there will be extra charges. While it may be something very obvious, many people are continuously “surprised” by these costs. It goes without saying that you should be there since it's only fair.

Shop Around

Every pallet courier has its own prices, which is why you may want to do some shopping beforehand. Ideally, you might want to receive at least two or three quotes before deciding on a pallet courier.

The more informed you are, the better it will be for you. By following the tips above, you should be able to avoid any hidden fees that a pallet courier might bring on you.

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