Avoid Pallet Courier Hidden Costs

Avoid Pallet Courier Hidden Costs

If you have a company that relies on partnerships for transportation, you need to know exactly how to manage your pallet delivery costs.

Moreover, avoiding hidden costs is crucial if you want to hold on to the profitability of your company.

Luckily, we have some top tips and tricks that may help you reduce your pallet costs.

So, let's dive straight in!

Get Everything in Writing

It's one thing to talk about all the terms and courier fees upfront, and another to have them all in front of you.

This is why you should insist that your pallet courier provides you with a written copy of their Terms of Service, so you know exactly what the courier charges are and whether you can afford them. 

Say, for example, a pallet courier overcharges you after placing several orders with them (from and to the same locations), you will at least have proof of original cost. If they increase their shipping rates for whatever reason, this is normally updated in their Terms of Service and there will be a reason behind the increase, too. 

Plus, you will see exactly what should appear on the purchase bill as well as anything that shouldn't be there! 

Wrap it Up

Before the pallet pick up, you should make sure everything is sat flush and secure under the pallet wrap. 

This will prevent anything from moving around frantically or falling off your pallet during transit. 

This is more for your own benefit as (a) your goods will be fully protected throughout their journey and (b) you won't face any additional charges for taking up too much of the couriers' time and failing to meet their requirements. 

Under normal circumstances, the courier has a duty to deliver your goods, not wrap them.

But if the courier offers a service that would supply you with the pallet and pallet wrap, there should be no additional charges if the courier fails to load and wrap your goods as agreed. 

Save The Date!

To avoid any hidden courier costs, you should know exactly how soon they will deliver your order after placing your booking.

Once more, make sure that you have everything in writing – the courier will normally send an email receipt or booking confirmation after you place an order with them.

Use this to help prepare your goods for collection on the selected date. 

Last but not least, if the delivery is time-sensitive, you may want to build in an extra day or two to prevent any unforeseen delays. 

Weight and Dimensions

Whenever someone wants to send a pallet, they will be very careful with measurements and weight.

Normally, the higher these numbers go, the more you will have to pay in courier costs.

The secret to avoiding pallet courier hidden costs is to know exactly how much the shipment weights and measures.

If it's heavier or of a different size entirely than first anticipated, then the bill payer will likely be faced with additional courier fees.

Be Available

If you're not there on the day of the pick up, or if you haven't finished preparing the pallets for transport, then it is very likely that there will be extra pallet charges to fork out for. 

Though you might have seen it coming, many people are taken by surprise when faced with additional charges and aren't sure where the blame falls.  

You and the courier both agreed on a specific date for your pallet collection, so you should be there on the day to assist them with anything they may need your help with. 

A failed collection or dellivery attempt (if there is no-one present on site) will result in additional charges. Such charges will need to be discussed in detail with the courier directly. 

Shop Around

All pallet couriers have their own shipping rates. These are normally calculated based on many different things, like distance between the collection and delivery point, the weight of yur consignment and many other contributing factors. 

With this in mind, you might want to do some looking around before shipping your goods with the wrong courier!

We recommend asking for at least two or three shipping quotes from a few different couriers before deciding which of them will handle your goods. 

Many couriers offer auto-generated quotes through their websites using a delivery cost calculator.

However, some require direct communication before providing you with an honest quote for using their services. 

Ideally, the more informed you are, the better.

Doing your homework before investing in a pallet courier's services will benefit you in so many ways, more so in terms of cost and often, reliability. 

By following the tips above, you will easily avoid hidden fees that a pallet courier might spring on you. 

How To Book A Pallet Delivery With PalletOnline

There are hundreds of pallet couriers that could handle your goods, but PalletOnline is amongst the best and most trusted pallet couriers around.

We are firm believers that unconditional trust and proactive customer support are both core offerings from the very best of the best. 

Booking a delivery with PalletOnline is fast and straightforward!

All you have to do is go to our homepage, request your free pallet delivery quote and if you are satisfied with the pallet charges, select a date for one of our drivers to come and collect your goods. 

For more information about our pallet courier services, feel free to get in touch with us by either calling 08456580049 or sending us a message through our live chat service.

Questions & Answers

First, select a pallet that is large enough to fit all of your items on without any overhanging and arrange your boxes in order of size. Then secure your boxes to the pallet ideally using either shrink or stretch wrap and attach your label before sending your goods with a pallet courier.

The cheapest way to ship heavy items in the UK is through a trusted pallet delivery courier, like PalletOnline. You can request a quote for delivery cost based on the weight and dimensions of the pallet you are shipping and the distance the courier would have to travel to deliver your goods.

Once you have packaged your goods properly, measure the dimensions and weight of your pallet. Then calculate the delivery rates of an oversized package or pallet with your chosen courier, book a collection with them and label your goods correctly before delivery takes place.

The height of your pallet must be measured from the very bottom to the tallest point. Also, when measuring the full length of your pallet, you will need to include any overhanging items. If your items do overhang, you must make the pallet courier aware of this and request an oversized pallet for delivery if possible.

A truckload shipment can range between 24 and 30 pallets, often more. With truckload freight, the space your goods take up in the trailer has more of an impact than anything else, so truckloads usually range from 5,000 pounds to 45,000 pounds or more in some cases.