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Micro Up to 150kg Micro Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery 120cm x 100cm
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Full Up to {{amazon == 0 ? '1,200kg' : '500kg'}} Full Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery Full Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery 120cm x 100cm
Oversized Up to 1,200kg Oversized Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery 240cm x 100cm
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Please ensure you have entered valid locations to proceed.
All pallets must have standard UK lifting access depth from all sides.
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Things to Consider When Sending a Pallet to Next with PalletOnline

Make sure Next will accept your packaging materials and pallets before you book a pallet delivery. If not, you may have to repack and reschedule delivery for a later date.

Once your pallets arrive at Next, you will receive a Proof of Delivery (POD). Typically, these are returned within five to ten business days.

Are your goods suitable for transit? Your items may be on our list of unsuitable goods, even if Next accepts them. Avoid additional fees and delays by checking our Terms and Conditions.

Did you know that you can set up a direct debit to pay for your pallet deliveries to Next via your PalletOnline account? You can ditch the hassle of fetching your credit or debit card every time you book a delivery.

You should allow extra time for delivery to ensure everything arrives on time during busy seasons, like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.

How urgent is delivery? You'll get a better booking-in slot if you plan your delivery to Next in plenty of time, meaning the pallets will arrive earlier rather than later.

PalletOnline's Distribution Services to Next

We ship pallets regularly to Next, so you can rest assured that your goods are in capable hands.

We deliver thousands of pallets to Next each month, but don't just take our word for it; check out our Trustpilot reviews!

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Advantages of Our Pallet Transport Services to Next

We have fixed delivery slots for Next pallet deliveries, so you will never have to worry about your pallets arriving late. Once your booking is placed, we'll confirm a booking date and time with Next and update you.

Our parent company has been shipping pallets for over 65 years, and we strive to handle your pallets with the same standard of care.

As proof of delivery of your goods, we'll provide a POD signed or stamped by Next; this can take between five and ten working days to populate. You can also view and download this via tracking using your Order ID.


What Can You Ship on Pallets to Next?

You can ship several items on pallets to Next through our network, including but not limited to:

Ship to Next with PalletOnline


Ship Your Items to any UK Retailer

It's easy to arrange a pallet delivery to any superstore or retailer. All you need to do is click on a retailer below, fill in the collection and delivery postcodes, then tell us the sizes of the pallets you're looking to send to get your instant quote! It's just that simple!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to ship my pallets to Next?

All prices are postcode driven. The price depends on the distance between the collection and delivery address, the number and size of pallets you are sending. For this reason, we cannot offer a fixed price list.

Can I deliver my goods to Next directly?

As a member of Palletline, we get the earliest booking slots for shipping pallets to Next, meaning your goods will arrive sooner and won't risk getting rejected; we'll deliver on the day and at the allocated time.

How much does standard insurance cover?

All bookings are automatically insured for up to £5 per kg! This means if your pallet weighs 100kg, you could claim up to £500 in the extremely rare event of damage or loss.

What happens if my pallets get rejected?

If Next rejects your pallets, we'll arrange to send them back to the original collection point. We'll be in touch promptly to confirm the most suitable date for the return.