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European Delivery Suspended
Friday 20th March 2020
Unfortunately we have now suspended all deliveries to Europe during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We attempted to keep these channels open as long as possible, but after warnings from exporters about potential fines and delivery failures it was in the best interest of all parties (especially the customer) to suspend this service. We are now focused on keeping pallet deliveries at full strength in the UK and Ireland... Read More
COVID-19 Pandemic Charity Support
Thursday 19th March 2020
PalletOnline wishes to extend a helping hand to any charity looking to distribute pallets during the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. After internal discussions we have decided to hand out 'Emergency Charity' accounts to all registered charities. We would like to play our part in ensuring essential goods reach their destination on time and intact... Read More
Coronavirus Disease COVID-19 Update
Thursday 19th March 2020
At PalletOnline we know firsthand the critical role - even life-saving - haulage deliveries play in times of crisis. We support thousands of organisations, like yours and others across countless industries, to ensure goods are delivered to support business growth. Continued availability to have pallets collected and delivered is something we take very seriously, and our support remains steadfast... Read More
Amazon FBA Seller Central Tips
Wednesday 4th March 2020
 You’ve decided to become an Amazon FBA seller. Amazon FBA (fulfilment by Amazon) represents the online giant’s fulfilment and logistics department, which aims at making the procedures more straightforward for Amazon sellers. Signing up to Amazon FBA comes with a bunch of advantages, such as saving a lot of money and time, among other things... Read More
Logistics Automation Revolution
Friday 28th February 2020
 When it comes to pallet delivery companies and other types of transport companies, it is safe to say that, in terms of logistics, their job is getting harder and harder to achieve. In the past few years, there has been a growth in transportation in recent years, especially with the surfacing of more and more online stores and distributors. So, the delivery companies have to come up with new ways of gathering data needed for successful deliveries and for better decision making... Read More
Pallet Delivery Europe
Tuesday 7th January 2020
Whether you’re a business/store owner or someone who occasionally sends out pallets, finding the proper pallet delivery Europe service/company might be a hard thing to do. For example, you might even come across a freight broker, case in which you risk your goods being handed over to someone else, while the latter claims that it’s their pallet or something similar. What you need, when having to ship pallets across Europe, is a dedicated network of pallet delivery services... Read More
Best Type of Pallet for Pallet Deliveries
Monday 4th November 2019
 Contrary to popular belief, pallets aren’t created equal. That is to say, the pallet you would use for transporting fruits and veggies might not be suitable for transporting engine spares. In this view, before prepping for pallet delivery, ensure that your chosen pallet is suitable for your load... Read More
How to Prepare for Pallet Collections
Monday 14th October 2019
Pallets can be used for numerous applications. Customarily, a pallet represents an industry base that facilitates the transportation of goods. Most notably, it ensures that the goods reach their destination safely... Read More
Tips to Send an Engine
Thursday 19th September 2019
It is true that one of the main reasons why goods tend to get damaged during transportation is because they haven’t been packed accordingly. This applies particularly in the case of goods that are more likely to get damaged during the transportation process. This is what could happen to an engine pallet courier, for example... Read More
A Guide to Sending Your Goods on Pallets
Thursday 22nd August 2019
There are a couple of factors that could help you decide that a pallet delivery is the best way for you to ship your items. First, let’s say you have some heavy items that you’ve successfully sold. Simply boxing and delivering a large item would be quite expensive compared to delivering it on a pallet... Read More
Where to Buy Pallets
Thursday 8th August 2019
Whether you are a pallet courier or just someone that is looking for some pallets to ship some items, you should know exactly what you need to buy pallets. Still, a pallet may be purchased by other types of individuals as well. For example, many companies out there need pallets to stock items, keep certain types equipment safe, or transport goods, obviously... Read More
Brexit Planning for Small Businesses
Tuesday 6th August 2019
If you are the owner of a small business, it’s about time you and the management team responsible of your company come up with plans to mitigate Brexit's risks. You will also want to try and improve staff retention, as well as avoid employee insecurity. In this respect, in today’s article, we’ll be talking about how small businesses should prepare themselves for Brexit... Read More