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What is an Affiliate?

As an affiliate, you can make money any time, anywhere... even whilst you sleep!

But how do you do it? Well, as an affiliate for PalletOnline, you can earn commission for every sale made as a result of your referral. All you need to do is join our program, start sharing our services and recommending us to people you know, and if your recommendation leads to a sale, you'll earn a slice of success!

Program Perks


Commission Tiers

Work your way up the ranks as a PalletOnline affiliate to boost your commission with every conversion.


Early Bird Alerts

As a PalletOnline affiliate, you'll receive alerts before every promotion is published, giving you first access to our offers.


Exclusive Discount Codes

When you become a gold tier affiliate, you'll receive an exclusive 10% discount code to share with your audience, so you'll always be two steps closer to boosting your commission.


Performance Bonuses

The more customers you refer to PalletOnline, the higher the commission rates you earn. You may also earn extra one off payments and discounts!

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Hundreds of affiliates earn commission by promoting PalletOnline.

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We provide everything you need to maximise your earnings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to become an affiliate?

All you need to do is have a functioning website or an online community where you can refer people to PalletOnline via a URL.

How does it work?

Once you've signed up to become an affiliate through the Paid on Results platform, you can log into your account, find PalletOnline, and request to join our program.

Once you've been accepted into our program, you'll be able to find your own affiliate links to share with your audience. These special links ensure that if a sale is made as a result of your referral that you will be paid commission from that sale.

If you send your link to somebody, they click on it, but they don't book there and then, don't worry; we keep track of your affiliate ID for up to 30 days! This means that if someone clicks on your link, but doesn't book for a while, you'll still get a commission for that sale.

How much does it cost to become a PalletOnline affiliate?

Absolutely nothing! Signing up as a PalletOnline affiliate is completely and utterly free. There's no setup fee, start-up fee or ongoing cost, and no hidden targets to reach. You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain!

How are sales tracked?

Visitors and sales are tracked in the background by placing a cookie on the customer's browser. If the visitor decides to buy the product within 30 days of clicking your link, your account with be credited with a percentage of the sale. Simple!

How much will I earn? And how/when do I get paid?

There are different tiers of our program depending on how much business you generate. Every affiliate begins on our bronze tier and earns 3% commission per sale. This commission percentage increases as you climb up the tiers.

How long does the tracking cookie last?

PalletOnline keeps the customer referral cookie active for 30 days from the moment your link was clicked. If the visitor decides to buy the product within 30 days of clicking your link, your account with be credited with a percentage of the sale. Simple!

I need to contact PalletOnline about the affiliate program.

No problem! Feel free to reach out to us via LiveChat, or via email.

We value your privacy.