Pallet Delivery in 2020

Pallet Delivery in 2020

Whether planning a one-off shipment or trying to source a cost-effective means of distributing goods, getting to know more about pallet couriers is a great way to start! 

In an ever-growing industry - one that is forever changing - pallet delivery in 2020 is much different to how we once knew it many moons ago. 

With this in mind, you must get familiar with all the rules, regulations, requirements and restrictions; You AND the courier need to adhere to these at all times. 

So, make sure you read the following information carefully before booking! 

How Do You Send A Pallet in 2020?

Plenty has changed when sending a pallet in 2020 compared to many moons ago. 

Firstly, pallet couriers are now starting to drop the original way of booking a shipment over the phone and filling in mounds of paperwork every time!

With greater awareness and understanding of online demand, pallet couriers have resorted to optimised websites and advanced online booking systems, ditching the old-fashioned booking over the phone process entirely.

The way companies operate today is down to consumer demand, wouldn't you agree

When it comes to pallet deliveries, people want speed and convenience for little cost; Thousands of pallet couriers are competing to offer this at the click of a button! 

Pallet Delivery in 2020

On the contrary, the process of packing and wrapping pallets has somewhat remained the same: Most pallet couriers ask their customers to pack and wrap their own pallets.

But without their help, wrapping and packing pallets can be difficult if you have no experience. 

As you can imagine, booking a pallet delivery in 2020 is much easier to do than ever before.

With web optimisation becoming more and more common in logistics, most pallet couriers strive to offer an easier and less time-consuming way of shipping goods from different regions and countries. 

This way, they hope to eliminate the stress of calling and booking a pallet delivery over the phone! 

What Is The Right Way To Wrap A Pallet?

Put simply, there's goods ways and bad ways to wrap pallets but most couriers advise you based on their network restrictions and requirements.

You can always ask them if you need help or tips on how to wrap your pallet before collection, or if they offer such a service, they may even wrap the pallet for you.

If you are finding it difficult to source pallet wrap, you should find a pallet courier that offers a wrapping service as they will provide the materials for you. 

Plus, you can be certain your pallet will be accepted as it will be wrapped properly by the courier.

FACT: Never use ratchet straps as an alternative to pallet wrap! 

Wrapping Pallets

This is very dangerous and will risk the safety of your items between the collection and delivery point. 

Only use straps if you have pallet wrap also - straps are for additional protection and all reputable couriers will advise you the same.

Remember, failing to wrap your pallet properly before shipping with a courier is likely to result in damage before your goods even reach their destination.

At PalletOnline, we offer our very own pallet and wrap service to help those who cannot wrap or have no way of wrapping their goods before collection. 

This service is £25 + VAT and is available in certain regions; If pallet and wrap is available for your postcode, it will show as an option in the checkout. 

Please note, all items must be no heavier than 25 kilograms - please ask for more details!

We also require at least 24 hours notice to be able to provide the pallet and wrap service. 

This is the minimum requirement as we need to ensure we have all the materials, equipment and capacity to wrap your pallets.

We also CANNOT offer this service with Amazon pallet deliveries as all pallets must be packed to their requirements; We cannot take liability.

About The Cost Of Pallet Shipping in 2020

The cost of pallet shipping in 2020 is worked out in many different ways by many different couriers. 

Cost more or less just depends on which pallet courier you choose as some will be cheaper than others.

Cost Of Shipping Pallets

Some may offer services that others don’t and so on, which is why there is no fixed price when it comes to sending a pallet in 2020 - you can still request a quote as it stands.

Most pallet couriers will generally base their quotes on the cost of fueling the journey between the collection and delivery point, weight and how much space you need on the trailer.

How To Book A Pallet Delivery in 2020

Booking a pallet delivery in 2020 has never been more straightforward, but again, it just depends on which pallet courier you wish to ship your goods with and such.

For example, a courier may come recommended by someone you know as their services have not let them down, but you may have found another courier who offers cheaper rates and service that you are happy with. 

This courier may also offer a much easier and faster way of booking a pallet delivery; Time is money when shipping goods!

You have to shop around before trusting pallet couriers to handle your palletised freight. 

After all, you want to be able to fully trust that your pallet will reach its destination in the best possible condition. 

Not just that, but surely you would want to know that the courier is friendly and approachable, and practices good customer service.

For more details regarding sending a pallet delivery, please get in touch by sending a message using our Live Chat service.

Alternatively, you can find more expert advice and top tips by heading over to our Help Centre.