Pallet Delivery

Pallet Delivery in 2020

Pallet Delivery in 2020

Whether you need a one-time solution to moving your household furniture or you’re looking for a supplier of goods and need access to regular pallet shipping services, you should always get to know more about pallet shipments before going down that path. 

As an industry that is ever growing and forever changing, pallet shipping in 2020 is very different to how it used to be many years ago. So, it’s important that you become familiar with what is expected of you and your chosen pallet courier. 

Below we will explain all there is to know about pallet shipping in 2020, and hopefully, there will be no stone left unturned and no question left unanswered. 

How Do You Send A Pallet in 2020? 

Plenty has changed when it comes to how you send a pallet in 2020 compared to how it was done years ago. To start with, pallet couriers are now starting to turn to optimised websites and online booking systems rather than the old-fashioned booking over the phone process. 

On the contrary, packing and wrapping pallets has somewhat stayed the same. By this we mean that most pallet couriers request pallets to be packed and wrapped before being shipped through their network - we actually offer a Pallet and Wrap service that allows us to do this for you. 

Booking a pallet shipment is much easier to do in 2020. With website optimisation becoming more and more common, many pallet couriers aim to offer customers an easier way of shipping goods from different regions and countries without the added stress of calling and booking a delivery over the phone. 

To book a delivery with us, all you have to do is go to our homepage and fill in the form to receive a free instant delivery quote. Our pallet shipping costs are calculated by the weight of goods, pallet space (i.e. full, half, quarter or oversized) and of course, the distance between your location and the delivery destination. 

What Is The Right Way To Wrap A Pallet? 

While there’s no right way to wrap a pallet, most pallet couriers advise you to shrink or stretch wrap your palletised freight before shipping it using their courier services. If you can’t shrink or stretch wrap your goods, then you could always use strapping as an alternative method to secure your pallet for its journey. 

Obviously, if you fail to wrap your pallet properly before shipping it with your chosen courier then your goods are likely to reach their destination damaged and unsellable - if you have already sold them, then it could cause some issues for sure. 

Remember, if you struggle to wrap or strap your pallet then you can always query whether your chosen courier offers a service that will do this job for you - it may cost you a little more. 

About The Cost Of Pallet Shipping in 2020 

The cost of pallet shipping in 2020 is worked out in different ways by different couriers. Cost more or less just depends on which pallet courier you choose. Some may offer services that others don’t and so on, which is why there is no fixed price when it comes to sending a pallet in 2020 - you can still request a quote as it stands. 

Generally, most pallet couriers will base their quotes on covering the price of fueling the journey between your location and your delivery destination, as well as the weight of your items and how much space you need on their delivery truck. 

How To Book A Pallet Delivery in 2020

Booking a pallet delivery in 2020 has never been more straightforward, but again, it just depends on which pallet courier you want to ship your goods with and such. For example, someone you know might recommend a courier to you and upon looking for them online, you decide that you want to book a delivery with a pallet courier that offers an easy and fast booking and checkout process instead. 

You really have to shop around before trusting any company to handle your palletised freight. After all, you want to be able to fully trust that your pallet will reach its destination in the best possible condition.