What Are Pallet Trucks Used For?

You must know how to handle pallets safely before booking a pallet delivery.

There are many risks involved with mishandling pallets, which could cost you your health and money.  

What are pallet trucks?

Pallet trucks are also known as 'pallet jacks' or 'pump trucks'. 

They are designed for the swift movement of pallets, heavy items, and bulk palletised goods where they cannot be moved by hand.

Such tools are the unsung heroes of shipping pallets; They ease the process entirely, reducing the risk of injury caused to workers and you, for that matter.

Can you supply a pallet truck?

To make sure the driver arrives with a pallet truck, please make sure you select ‘tail-lift’ before checking out; This can be added to collection and delivery. 

Once your order is manifested over to our system, we will add this service to either your collection or delivery (or both, depending on what you choose) and a pallet truck will be supplied.

We will make sure the depot sends a vehicle with a tail-lift and the driver will be equipped with a pallet truck to help move your pallet with no issues. 

If you have already submitted your booking and you have forgotten to add a tail-lift, you can contact us through Live Chat to request this; We can add this to your order on your behalf as long as you let us know a day in advance.

Do I have to use a pallet truck?

Supposing your items do not exceed 1,200 kilograms, you do not necessarily need to use a pallet truck to carry, move and help load them to the delivery vehicle. 

However, you may still use a pallet truck to make life easier.

Please note that we will only send the driver with a pallet truck if you have selected ‘tail-lift’ before completing your booking. 

For more information regarding pallet trucks and tail-lifts, please send us a message using Live Chat. We’re here to help you

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