What Are Pallet Trucks Used For?

Ensuring the safe handling of pallets is absolutely essential before scheduling a pallet delivery. Although it might come across as a straightforward job, there are numerous risks at play if it isn't executed correctly.

Getting acquainted with the nitty-gritty of pallet handling not only safeguards you from possible health and safety risks but also prevents any unexpected financial setbacks.


What vehicles do you use for collection and delivery?

No matter what you're shipping, we've got a bunch of different vehicles ready to haul your goods to their destination. Our lineup covers everything from big 18-ton trucks to smaller 7.5-ton lorries, so we're all set to handle whatever you've got to move.

To make sure things go smoothly when it comes to loading and unloading, our trucks come equipped with different lifting equipment, and you can specify what you need when you're checking out. More info on this equipment can be found below.

For more info on the types of vehicles we use, just swing by our article on vehicle sizes.


What are pallet trucks?

Pallet trucks, commonly known as 'pallet jacks' or 'pump trucks', are specialised tools crafted for efficiently shifting pallets, hefty objects, and large quantities of palletised merchandise that could be quite a hassle to handle manually.

These tools are the quiet champions of the pallet shipping realm, playing a pivotal role in minimising the chances of injuries to both labourers and valued customers, such as yourself.


Can you supply a pallet truck?

To ensure the driver arrives equipped with a pallet truck, don't forget to opt for the 'tail-lift' option before finalising your order. You have the flexibility to include this service with either your collection or delivery, depending on your specific requirements.

Once your order is logged into our system, we'll make sure to add this service to either your collection, delivery, or both, as per your selection. This way, the driver will have a pallet truck ready to facilitate the seamless movement of your goods

If you've already made a booking but forgot to add the tail-lift service, no worries! Feel free to reach out to us through Live Chat, and we'll be more than happy to append the tail-lift service to your order. Do note, though, that we require at least a day's notice in advance to make the necessary arrangements.


Do I have to use a pallet truck?

If your goods are under 750kgs in weight, going with a pallet truck and tail lift is your top choice. No need to fret, though – the heavy lifting will be taken care of by the driver.

If your pallet weighs more than 750kgs but less than 1,000kgs, a pallet truck and tail lift probably won't cut it. Our strong recommendation is to opt for a lift assist instead. Alternatively, consider breaking down the pallet into two lighter ones, sidestepping the need for this service. Just bear in mind, reserving another pallet space will be necessary.

Do note that the driver will only be equipped with a pallet truck if you've ticked the 'tail-lift' option when finalising your booking.


What is a lift assist?

A lift assist is a super handy tool to have in your toolkit. It's like a portable forklift that's made to handle hefty pallets with ease.

If you happen to deal with pallets tipping the scales at 750kgs to 1,000kgs, a lift assist is the way to go for a seamless and safe delivery.

Thanks to its sturdy lifting ability, the lift assist takes on weighty pallets without issue.

Getting hold of a lift assist is a breeze – simply add it to your order at the checkout for a small extra charge.


For more information regarding pallet trucks and tail-lifts, please send us a message using Live Chat. We’re here to help you

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