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We’re delighted to be a part of Palletline, the UK’s most reliable pallet network. You can trust us to deliver your pallets to Poland safely.

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Instant quote is for 10 pallets or less. Proceed for a groupage quote.

Oversized pallets must booked
as full pallet spaces.

All pallets must have standard UK lifting access depth from all sides.
Pallet Size Guide.

Please note: We can only ship pallets to businesses in Poland. We aren't able to deliver to or from residential addresses at the moment.

Things to Consider When Sending a Pallet to Poland


Are your goods appropriate to ship to Poland? If your items are on our unsuitable goods list or restricted in Poland, you cannot ship them through the Palletline network with us.


Have you got a valid EORI Number? Your EU buyer must also have a valid EU EORI Number for your goods to be accepted by UK Customs.


Do you have the correct Commodity Codes and Incoterms? Please note that we can only ship to Poland on DAP terms. These details will ensure the correct charges are levied against your goods.


Are you sure you have provided the correct CPC Code? When leaving the UK, your goods must be declared correctly.


A Commercial Invoice is required when shipping goods to Poland. If there are no packing details listed on your Commercial Invoice, you must also provide a packing list.


Have you nominated PalletOnline as your direct representative yet? Once you have done this, we’ll take care of Customs entries on your behalf.

Pallet Distribution Services in Poland

Pallet Distribution Services in Poland

Ship your pallets to Poland through Palletline, the UK's most reliable pallet network, and get total peace of mind that your goods are in safe hands!

We've shipped thousands of pallets safely to regions of Europe, including Poland. You can trust us to deliver your pallet with the same standard of care. Why just take our word for it? See our Trustpilot reviews left by others who trusted us to ship their pallets to Poland.

Advantages of Our Pallet Transport Services to Poland



As a proud member of Palletline, the UK's most secure and reliable pallet shipping network, we have access to more than 96 depots and 6,000 delivery vehicles.



Our customer support team is one of the best in the industry, committed to working by your side and ensuring delivery runs smoothly. We're always happy to help and tell you exactly what you need to ship your goods to Poland safely.



We're proud to admit that we have the most advanced tracking system in the industry; you can track your pallets at any point during their journey to Poland. We're committed to giving that extra peace of mind when it's needed most!

What Can You Ship on Pallets to Poland?

What Can You Ship on Pallets to Poland?

You can ship many items to Poland through the Palletline network, including but not limited to:

  • Books
  • Musical Instruments
  • Home Decor
  • Clothing
  • Car Parts

Dates to Remember

It's crucial to keep dates in mind when planning to ship pallets to Poland, including bank holidays, as you may need to work around them. Key dates to remember this year are:

01 November
11 November
27 December
28 December

Ship to Poland with Confidence

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  • What paperwork do I need for my pallet delivery to Poland? What paperwork do I need for my pallet delivery to Poland?
    Before confirming your details and making payment, you’ll need to upload a Commercial Invoice and provide a valid EORI Number, too. We cannot send your goods forward until these documents have been provided. You can view the full list of details required in our help centre.
  • When will my goods arrive in Poland? When will my goods arrive in Poland?
    The delivery date on your booking confirmation is only an estimated delivery date as we cannot control the Customs process and delays. Shipping times depend on Customs and whether you have submitted the correct details for your goods before handing them over.
  • How many pallets can I send to Poland? How many pallets can I send to Poland?
    You can ship up to 10 pallets to Poland per booking. All you need to do is proceed to get your quote and select the total number of pallets you'd like to ship to Poland; we'll provide you with our best price straight away. For bookings of more than 10 pallets, please complete the form on the quote page, and we'll get back to you promptly.
  • Will the driver notify me before collection and delivery? Will the driver notify me before collection and delivery?
    We always ask our drivers to call up to 30 minutes before they arrive, but unfortunately, this is not a guaranteed notification as not all drivers can make outbound calls from their cabin. We'll provide a delivery ETA on the day. All collections are between 9am and 5pm, and unfortunately, we’re unable to give a more specific time.
  • What do I need to put on a Commercial Invoice? What do I need to put on a Commercial Invoice?

    Commercial invoices are now required for every shipment into and out of the UK. There's a lot of information required for the commercial invoice, including the name and addresses of the importer, exporter and receiver, country of origin, terms of sale, the value of the goods, mode of transport, and more.


    Please visit our European delivery help page for the full list of requirements.