Card Payment Information

Are my card details saved on your system?

Yes, we will save your card details on our system for ease of use next time you book with us. 

Don't worry, though! We follow stringent security protocols to ensure your information is kept safe; your details are encrypted according to industry-standard practices.


Can I save multiple cards?

Absolutely! You can save as many cards as you like to your PalletOnline account, making it super easy for you to choose the most suitable form of payment at checkout.

To view your saved cards, head over to the "Payment" page in your account.


How do I remove a saved card?

To remove a saved card, log in to your PalletOnline account and navigate to "Payments". From there, scroll down until you see your saved cards. 

Once you've identified the cards you want to remove, click the red "Remove" button.

Your card details will then be deleted from our database.

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