Do you offer business or credit accounts?

We have recently started to offer business accounts to our customers, which is something that we have never introduced before. 

Although this is something that we are extremely pleased to announce, we must also specify that we do not allow for credit accounts at PalletOnline as all deliveries must be paid for prior to our services being provided. 

What Is A PalletOnline Business Account? 

If you are frequently using our pallet collection and delivery services, then you will be pleased to know more about our new customer business accounts. 

You can place your orders as normal with a PalletOnline business account. The more orders you place, the closer you will be to receiving discounted pallet collection and delivery prices. 

There are some additional features that we are currently working on for our customer business accounts. Once we have properly evaluated them, more details will then be released to our business customers. 

How Do I Create Myself A Business Account? 

If you would like to create an account, you can do this through our website. When you have your own business account with us, simply continue to place your pallet delivery and collection orders with us. 

When you have placed 30 days' worth of orders within your business account, we will then review your order history volume. This is to determine whether you are entitled to a discounted price on your next pallet collection and delivery order. 

If we decide that you are eligible for a discount, you will be able to save money on pallet shipping with one of the most renowned pallet delivery companies around. 

We have a fantastic team of delivery drivers who are experts at travelling far and wide. We can collect and deliver pallets all throughout the UK and Europe. 

How To Use Your PalletOnline Business Account? 

When using our pallet delivery services to ship your goods from A to B, you can use your PalletOnline business account and start seeing the benefits of booking pallet collections and deliveries with us.

Placing an order with your business account will bring you discounted delivery rates for orders further down the line, when you may need it the most. But you may be wondering how to go about using your discount when the time finally comes; you can do this easily through your PalletOnline business account. 

Simply start by visiting our website and requesting your free quote for delivery, then select the best date for one of our drivers to come and collect your goods before you place your booking. After at least 30 orders with us, you will start to see the benefits of using a PalletOnline business account for your orders. 

Can You Help Set My Business Account Up? 

We understand that setting up a PalletOnline business account is an entirely new experience for our customers, particularly for those who have recently placed their first order with us. That's why our friendly customer care team always work hard to tend to your questions and concerns, making sure they are dealt with to your complete satisfaction. 

We can certainly help you set up your PalletOnline business account. Call us on 08456580049 or simply send us a message through our live chat today. Our friendly customer care team will get back to you promptly. 

If you are not sure if you have an account with us already, you can request a forgotten password. If you have an account setup, you will be emailed with a new password.

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