Do You Offer Business or Credit Accounts?

Recently, we have started to offer something we have never approached before: business accounts. 

While we are extremely pleased to make this announcement, we must stress that we do not allow for credit accounts as all deliveries must be paid for prior to carrying out our services. 

What is a PalletOnline business account? 

If you frequently ship pallets with PalletOnline, you’ll reap the benefits of one of our business accounts! 

All orders are placed as normal through our website, using your business account; The more orders placed, the closer you will be to receiving exclusive discounts on future bookings. 

Please note that we’re currently working on some additional features for our customer business accounts.

We will provide more details once we have properly evaluated these changes. 

How do I create a business account? 

You can create a business account through our website in just a few minutes! 

Once you’ve created your new business account, simply sign in and place your orders as normal.

We review all accounts regularly and will apply a trade discount to your account after you have placed 30 days of orders with us. 

If we decide that you are eligible for a discounted price, you will save money on pallet shipping with one of the most trusted pallet delivery companies around! 

How do I use my PalletOnline business account? 

It’s important that you sign into your business account before placing every order.

We’ll review your account regularly and let you know when you become eligible for discounted rates on future orders. 

When the time comes, your trade discount will be automatically applied to your basket - no promo code is needed on this occasion

You can also securely reset your password if you have forgotten it.

Can you help me set up my business account? 

As a relatively new offering, we understand that you may need a little help getting your business account set up; We'd be delighted to help you get the ball rolling. 

Our friendly customer support team is always at hand to answer any questions you have about business accounts. 

Simply send a message on Live Chat for fast support and we’ll respond to your query promptly. 

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