Full Loads Restrictions

To keep everyone involved in the pallet delivery process safe, we have rules in place to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible with your collection and delivery.


What you need to know before booking

Here's what you should keep in mind before the driver comes to pick up your pallets:

  • Flat Ground and Proper Equipment: Ensure that collection takes place on level ground, and make sure you have the necessary equipment, like forklift trucks, ready at both ends of the journey.
  • Kerbside Service: Please note that all collections and deliveries are done kerbside. Our drivers are unable to leave their vehicles unattended or block roads. Ensure ample space for the delivery vehicle to park while you load the goods.
  • Timely Loading and Unloading: Our drivers have a one-hour time limit for loading and unloading your pallets. If this time is exceeded, an additional charge of £45+VAT per hour will apply.


What can I send on a pallet?

Surprisingly, you can send an enormous variety of items on pallets! In fact, it would be much easier to tell you what you can’t send on a pallet.

If your goods aren’t noted on our unsuitable goods list, then you should be good to go!

However, if you’re unsure about any of the items you’re looking to send, it’s always best to check with our friendly customer support team via Live Chat.


How to book your pallet collection

Booking your Truckloads delivery with PalletOnline couldn’t be simpler.

All you need to do, is head over to our full loads quote page, enter your collection and delivery postcodes, and click the Get Quote button!


Can I book a tail lift or lift assist?

Tail-lifts do not come with pallet trucks and they must be requested. The maximum weight for a pallet when a tail-lift is in use is 750kg per pallet unless there is a forklift or similar device onsite for loading and unloading.

The collection point and delivery point must have a forklift, or other suitable loading and unloading facilities, available to load and unload the pallets at both ends of the journey.

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