Full Loads Explained

What is a Truckloads delivery?

Truckloads delivery is exactly what it sounds like; a full truckload of pallets! Every pallet on the vehicle belongs to one customer, and are all going to the same destination.

This service can be used for shipping between 11 and 26 pallets within Mainland UK, and can even be used to send pallets into Amazon Fulfilment Centres!


How can I book a Truckloads delivery?

It takes less than 30 seconds to get a quote for your Truckloads delivery.

The first thing you need to do, is visit our Truckloads quote page. Once you’re here, simply enter your collection and delivery postcodes, then click the Get Quote button!


What do I need to know?

Our Truckloads service is a dedicated, A to B service. This means that your pallets will not be placed onto a shared trailer with other people’s goods – they will be the only pallets on the vehicle.

And because they’re the only pallets on the vehicle, there’s no need to move the goods for grouping onto a different vehicle, because they’re due to be delivered to a single destination.

This means that, more often than not, your goods will be delivered on the same day that they were picked up on.


The more you ship, the more you save!

Yep, that’s right! This is because when you book, you’re essentially hiring the entire trailer, rather than paying for a number of pallet spaces within a shared vehicle.

Therefore, in theory, the fee for shipping 11 pallets through our full loads service, would be the same if you were shipping 26! So, using our Truckloads service can be a much more cost-effective method of shipping if you send high volumes of freight to a single destination.


How many pallets can I ship using your Truckloads service?

Generally, full loads are for sending between 11 and 26 full pallets to a single destination.

Of course, if your pallets are smaller than what we consider a full pallet to be, you may be able to fit more pallets onto the vehicle if you’re able to stack them.

The total weight of your goods must NOT exceed 28 tonnes, or the vehicle will be legally classed as overweight and we would not be able to move your pallets.


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