Pallet Delivery

Pallet Delivery Europe

Pallet Delivery Europe

Whether you’re a business owner or just someone who occasionally sends out pallets, picking out the best pallet delivery company in Europe can be a difficult thing to do. 

For example, you might even come across a freight broker in which you risk your goods being handed over to someone else, while the latter claims that it’s their pallet or something along those lines.

When sending a pallet to Europe, what you need is a dedicated network of pallet delivery services. In this respect, we are going to talk you through all the benefits of using a trusted company for pallet delivery in Europe. 

European Shipment Options

If you want to book a pallet delivery to a European country, for example Spain, rest assured that PalletOnline has got you covered. Better yet, you can even send your goods to 10 other countries across Europe.  

When sending a pallet to Europe, you can ship up to 10 pallets per single consignment - these can be handled and shipped within days to your destination of choice. 

The Palletline Network

For increased safety – both for you and your goods – we have a Palletline network available for you. We specialise in palletised deliveries in Europe and the UK; you can even ship your goods to 89 locations throughout the UK. 

Let's say that you need to send a pallet to Switzerland, it doesn't have to be difficult to arrange. PalletOnline is able to send your pallet to Switzerland through our delivery network and can even deliver your goods the very next day. It really has never been easier to send a pallet to Switzerland or to other European regions. 

If you want numbers, here they are – around 6,000 vehicles are in charge of shipping pallets, with more than 3.5 million pallets being sent through this network every single year.

Of course, we don’t even have to mention that the damage rate is only 0.01%. 

Benefits of a Pallet Delivery Service

Now you're going to discover what it takes to make a pallet delivery company great - covering the countless benefits of a pallet delivery in Europe. 

Let's talk about Sameday Collections and Next Day Delivery – if you’re in a hurry to send a pallet to Europe and can’t wait for someone to pick up your goods, our services have got you covered with the help of these two benefits. 

Say for example you wanted us to pick up or deliver a pallet in Germany, PalletOnline is able to offer fast and reliable next day pallet delivery in Germany; you can book a delivery today and have your goods arrive tomorrow! 

Europe Pallet Delivery Tracking

Every pallet delivery service in Europe and the UK should come with order tracking, but with secure servers as well. As we all know, there are villains out there, so to call them, that might try to hack into certain systems to pull details regarding the location of certain or random pallets. 

Though it may be unlikely for your pallet to be targeted, it is essential that delivery services come with increased protection in terms of digital data and order tracking. You and the company should be the only two entities to know the location of your pallet.

For more information on how to send a pallet to Europe, please contact PalletOnline directly. Alternatively, you can send us a message about pallet delivery Europe through our live chat service. 

Questions & Answers

The most common pallet size is a UK standard pallet, which measures 1200mm x 1000mm and is normally available with various types of weight and bearing limits. UK standard pallets are used all throughout the UK and are popular for the export of different types of goods.

According to hundreds of pallet distribution companies and online couriers, the average cost to deliver a pallet in the UK is around £118, but the actual price can vary depending on the journey distance and total weight of your goods.

There are two recommended methods to secure a pallet; strapping and shrink wrapping. To strap your items to a pallet, be sure to use at least two straps before looping them through the pallet forks. When shrink wrapping, make sure you cover your pallet entirely in shrink wrap and carefully apply heat to tighten the shrink film.

Start by selecting the correct pallet size; this must be big enough to hold everything without any overhanging on the edges. Then arrange the boxes (preferably in order of size) onto your pallet, secure your goods to the pallet and finally attach a label for the delivery of your shipment.

The cost of shipping to Europe is determined by how much it would cost the pallet courier to collect and deliver your goods. The price usually includes fuel surcharges, maintenance of equipment and of course to cover payment of their employee salaries.