Pallet Delivery Europe

Pallet Delivery Europe

Whether you’re a business/store owner or someone who occasionally sends out pallets, finding the proper pallet delivery Europe service/company might be a hard thing to do.

For example, you might even come across a freight broker, case in which you risk your goods being handed over to someone else, while the latter claims that it’s their pallet or something similar.

What you need, when having to ship pallets across Europe, is a dedicated network of pallet delivery services. In this respect, today’s article will showcase the benefits that such a network/service has and also what you should be looking for in your future delivery service.

Shipment Options

If you want to apply for a pallet delivery to Spain, for example, you can rest assured as we got that covered – that and 10 other European countries you want to send your goods to.

In terms of delivery, you can send up to 10 pallets per a single consignment – these can be handled and shipped within mere days to your destination of choice. Basically, pallet delivery to France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, or Sweden is just one click away.

The Palletline Network

For increased safety – both for you and your goods – we have a Palletline network available for you. In short, we have available up to 89 locations throughout the UK where you can choose to deliver your pallet.

If you want numbers, here they are – around 6,000 vehicles are in charge of shipping pallets, with more than 3.5 million pallets being sent through this network every single year.

Of course, we don’t even have to mention that the damage rate is of only 0.01%. 

Benefits of a Pallet Delivery Service

In the following lines, you’ll find out what it takes to make a pallet delivery service company great – in short, its benefits. 

Sameday Collections and Next Day Deliveries

First of all, we’ll talk about Sameday Collections and Next Day Delivery – if you’re in a hurry and can’t actually wait for someone to pick up your pallet, our services got you covered with the help of these two benefits. 

If you move out today, you will most likely have what you need at your new home tomorrow!

Secure Servers and Order Tracking

Next, every pallet delivery service should come with order tracking, but with secure servers as well. As we all know, there are villains out there, so to call them, that might try to hack into certain systems to get knowledge regarding the location of certain or random pallets. 

Even though it may be unlikely for your pallet to be targeted, it is essential that delivery services come with increased protection in terms of digital data and order tracking. You and the company should be the only two entities to know the location of your pallet.

Customer Care and Amazon Approval

Obviously, when you want to find out more about the company or information related to your pallet, you have to receive friendly customer care. You shouldn’t wait for too much to receive the info you need.

Also, in case you want to send or receive pallets through Amazon, it is recommended that the service you rely on has been approved by Amazon. As they say, you can never be too safe when it comes to shipping pallets.

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