The Cost of Pallet Delivery: What You Need To Know

The Cost of Pallet Delivery: What You Need To Know

We've discussed the popular pallets vs parcels debate, and discovered the best place to find your pallets, but there's one very important question remaining...

How much does a pallet delivery cost?

Look no further! We've got the answer, and more, in this blog. 

How much does it cost to send a pallet?

It's difficult to estimate the cost of a pallet delivery service as there are many different factors! The price of pallet delivery could be different depending on pick-up and delivery locations, the number and size of pallets, and if there are any add-ons.

pallet in shopping trolley

As expected, international deliveries usually cost a little more, due to the long distances and border checks. 

If your chosen pallet delivery service offers a full truckload service, the pricing may work a little differently. With full loads, your price is based solely on distance. Pallet spaces are not a factor with full loads as you'll be hiring the entire trailer. This is what makes our full-truckload deliveries a lot more economical!

Is pallet shipping cheaper than parcel delivery?

Usually, parcel delivery is less expensive as parcels are smaller and don’t need specialist equipment to transport them from A to B. Pallets can also travel through a network up to 8 times and, therefore, labour costs, as well as the pallet's weight and size, are taken into account when determining the price.

However, this does not always mean that parcel deliveries are superior. If you're sending a lot of items, pallet delivery services can often be a far more affordable option in the long run.

What are the benefits of sending a pallet?

Using a pallet carrier to ship your pallets has many advantages!

Because pallets are so sturdy, your items will be kept safe during transportation. Shrink-wrap and other packing materials can also be used to further improve the protection of your goods. 

Additionally, it means that items can be stacked without worrying about pallets collapsing.

Like most packages, pallets are also recyclable and, with proper care, can be reused up to nine times. You can also upcycle your pallet if you no longer need it. 

If you’re a keen DIYer, you’ll be pleased to know that pallets can be upcycled into many different things, such as rustic signs, storage units, bed frames and even sofas! 

pallet wrap

What are the different pallet sizes?

When booking a pallet delivery, it’s crucial that you select the correct pallet size. This will influence how much space your goods will take up inside the trailer. If you choose to book with PalletOnline, you’ll have the option to book micro, quarter, half, full or oversized pallets. 

These sizes refer to the goods stacked on top of them, and not the actual pallet structure.

The only difference between these sizes are the height and weight limits. The rest remains the same.

Don’t worry if this sounds a little confusing! Our handy size guide and pallet calculator are all available to help you on our website. 

How much is a Euro pallet worth in the UK?

If you want to ship your goods on a Euro pallet, you'll need to know how much they cost. Fortunately, normal UK and Euro pallets can be purchased for a cheap price. 

Euro pallets typically cost between £4.50 and £10, and a normal UK pallet can be purchased for about the same amount.

Europe pallet

Pallets are also available at DIY shops like B&Q and Wickes as they'll often have them lying around in their yards. Who knows? They may even give you a couple for free! 

Many pallet carriers also provide a "pallet and wrap" service, in which the collection driver will arrive equipped with both a suitable pallet and some shrinkwrap. The perfect option if you don't have a pallet to hand.

What add-ons can I add to my pallet delivery?

Depending on the type of pallet courier you use, you may also be able to add some extras to your booking. If you book with PalletOnline, we offer many free and paid add-ons!

Once you get your free and instant quote from us, you'll be able to pick from our famous pallet & wrap service, tail lifts for collection and delivery and even timed deliveries and pre-3pm collections. 

How much does a heat-treated pallet cost?

A pallet that has undergone heat treatment is known as a "heat treated pallet". This is done to ensure there are no hazardous chemicals or diseases in the wood that could potentially degrade the wood or transfer to other pallets. 

Luckily, heat-treated pallets don't cost a whole lot more than regular pallets. You can pick up a heat-treated pallet for around £1-£2 extra - not bad!

How much do plastic pallets cost?

Plastic pallets are pretty much exactly that. Polyethylene that is poured into a pallet-shaped mould. 

Plastic pallets

As wood is usually cheaper than plastic, and the market for plastic pallets is niche, they can be more expensive than their wooden counterparts.

If you'd rather utilise plastic pallets instead, expect to pay anywhere between £8 and £40 for a brand-new pallet. Used plastic pallets, however, usually retail for less.

How to book a pallet delivery

So, you've considered the benefits and drawbacks of pallets, found out the weight and dimensions of your items, and are now prepared to book a pallet delivery. What's next?

Well, there are many pallet carriers and delivery services available, and they'll all charge different amounts. Usually, you'll have to enter your collection and destination postcodes first, before choosing the correct pallet space for the size of your goods.

If you choose to book your pallet delivery with us, you'll be presented with our super, easy-to-use quote form where you can get a completely free and instant quote. After that, checkout is a breeze!