A Massive Step for PalletOnline!
Tuesday 7th June 2022 | View all Blogs

We've been keeping a huge secret for a while now (the past two years to be exact!) 

We have been given the go-ahead to announce that... WE'RE MOVING! 

This is an enormous step in the growth of PalletOnline and our mission to provide you with the best pallet delivery service in the country.

Why are you moving?

Great question! Along with our parent company, PalletOnline are growing exponentially, and demand for more office space, training facilities and IT systems is high.

So, we thought it's the perfect time to acquire planning permission and start building our new, bespoke office spaces!

Where are you moving to?

Don't worry! We won't be moving cities or anything like that - we're only moving a mere 300 metres down the road, in fact!

We've been eyeing up the perfect plot of land for a while and, lucky for us, it's only down the road!

Picture of a google earth image showing location of new building

See... not far at all!

When are you moving?

The steel for our new site went up in January and ever since, the builders have been working at light speed to get things done!

We're thrilled to announce that our move-in date will be in February this year! 

Image showing three pictures of new build in progress

We're delighted with the direction that PalletOnline is heading, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for us!

Thinking of moving yourself? Get an instant, no-fuss quote with us!

Updated Friday 6th January 2023.