Pallet Delivery

Logistics Automation Revolution

Logistics Automation Revolution

When it comes to the logistics of pallet couriers and other transport companies, it's safe to say that their jobs are becoming much harder to achieve. 

In recent years, there has been a growth in transportation, especially with the surfacing of more online stores and distributors. Now delivery companies are having to come up with new ways of gathering the data they need for successful deliveries and for better decision making altogether. 

Certain companies have implemented data visualisation and big-data algorithms in order to obtain the data and achieve what we mentioned before. However, it is believed that automation revolution and artificial intelligence have to be used to enhance many aspects of the information analysis process. 

Automation Is Inevitable

As every company out there strives to improve their efficiency and cut labour costs as much as they can, it's very likely that they will rely on the automation of logistics sooner or later. Of course, this means that they need to better prepare for an automation revolution as many jobs are expected to be cut and replaced by machines. 

The continuous development of self-driven cars and logistics automation for warehouse work means that warehouse operators and truck drivers will likely be vulnerable to job displacement in years to come. 

Automation and Data

It is known, in the case of the regular freight logistics, that data needed for successful delivery is often stuck within various partners. This builds up exceptions that classic logistics cannot handle or manage. That's mainly because of the ways through which we manage data at the moment are not capable of that. 

On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence is able to make sense of data, thus giving people the opportunity to be more strategic when it comes to managing exceptions. 

For example, a large supplier that makes use of automated software to manage their data will always know where certain goods are coming from and if they arrive at their destination on time. 

Moreover, Artificial Intelligence would be able to procure a certain delivery process with the proper kind of freight carrier and assess any of the possible risks regarding the time it takes a shipment to reach its destination, as well as its condition. 

Final Thoughts

We are partnered closely with Palletline; all jobs they undertake include automated logistics to some extent. Palletline jobs that involve automated logistics are expected to drive the company to the forefront of the palletised distribution industry. With that in mind, we will continue to work alongside Palletline for years to come. 

Aside from Palletline jobs in automated logistics, we have even more examples of automation in the revolution of logistics! For example, IBM has connected cognitive computing capability with the weather information from all around the globe. 

Then, the AI was able to predict exactly when a hurricane would hit near one of their manufacturing sites, located in Mexico. The result? The company was able to make informed decisions and avoid unplanned costs. 

Furthermore, due to their effective decisions, they were also able to avoid delaying the shipment of their products, thus keeping their customers completely satisfied. 

The revolution of logistics will be incorporated with automation in every aspect sooner or later. Given the need for efficiency and reduced labour costs, logistics automation and advanced technology is only natural when it comes to improving business and overall profitability. 

Questions & Answers

First, select a pallet spacious enough for your goods without overhanging on any of the edges. Then, stack your boxes in size order (the heaviest comfortably at the bottom) and secure them to the pallet. Finally, attach a label before sending it to its destination.

A pallet freight is a load of goods secured to a pallet and wrapped prior to delivery via your chosen pallet courier. Your pallet freight may be secured to a standard wood or moulded wood pallet, but there are other options to choose from depending on the courier.

Each courier will usually collect goods from their customers and identify any pallets for delivery outside of their area. Every pallet is scanned and shipped directly to a courier hub. At the hub, all pallets are quality checked, scanned, unloaded and sorted into areas for delivery.

There are two suggested methods used to secure a pallet: strapping and shrink wrapping. When you strap items to your pallet, you should use at least two straps and make sure they loop through the forks of your pallet. You also need to tighten the straps into place for the most security.

A pallet is a small and portable platform on which goods are placed for shipments or storage. These help to better protect your goods throughout their journey with your chosen pallet courier.