PalletOnline Update for June 2020

PalletOnline Update for June 2020

Greetings and thank you for visiting us.

This blog update is to keep you in the loop with the latest happenings at PalletOnline. 

It is seemingly a new world in many ways. Throughout the global pandemic we have remained in place. It has business as usual for the most part. Collections and deliveries occured as regular as always.

European deliveries are now also back in operation and up to full speed.

We wish to thank all our customers for sticking with us, old and new throughout such challenging times. 

We wish to extend a special thank you to our customers. This has been a period of growth for PalletOnline. We are now scaling our team and capabilities up. This is to ensure we not only keep up with demand, but stay ahead of it.

Thank you also to our wonderful team here at PalletOnline. From our dedicated customer care team to the drivers in the network. They have handled this period with their usual gusto and been steadfast in their commitment to the cause.

There will be further improvements and appointments to follow. Feedback from you (yes, you) is absolutely welcome and sought after. 

Feel free to jump on live chat or call and speak directly with us about your ideas.

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