Truck Stops or Truck Flops? The Current State of HGV Driver Facilities
Friday 24th February 2023 | View all Blogs

For many HGV drivers, the lack of adequate facilities such as rest stops, toilets, and sleeping arrangements can make their job more difficult, dangerous, and even detrimental to their mental and physical health.

Truck drivers play a crucial role in keeping our economy moving, delivering goods and services to businesses and households across the country, so it’s imperative that they are provided with safe, clean and usable facilities and rest stops. Their safety and well-being should be a top priority for us all. 

In this blog, we'll explore the current state of lorry driver facilities in the UK, the impact it has on drivers, and what can be done to improve the situation. We'll look at the issues that contribute to the problem, the health and safety risks that drivers face, and the mental health issues that can arise as a result of poor facilities.

The Current State of HGV Driver Facilities

For those accustomed to life behind the wheel, it's no secret that HGV driver facilities are in dire need of rejuvenation. With the current state of these pit stops, it's hardly surprising that we're seeing an influx of truckers calling it quits

sign saying driver shortage on laptop

But what exactly is wrong with the country's truck stops? Well, an interview from a 2021 Panorama documentary, "Delivering Christmas: What's in Store?", shows the grim reality of these facilities. 

"The conditions in the UK are the worst in Europe.", says Romanian trucker, Cosman. "I am sorry to say it, but in Italy, you don't pay for showers or overnight parking. You can eat well for not much money."

And he's not wrong. The programme showed loos saturated in toilet paper and a single shower, expected to serve 45 drivers. While it's clear that this isn't a new issue, it's finally grabbing the government's attention.

There are way more issues than a lack of showers and dirty toilets, though. Lack of parking, high costs, inadequate safety measures and services packed full of fast food and vending machines all add to the crisis.

Funding, Finally!

With these issues so blindingly obvious, what is the government doing to tackle these poor HGV facilities? Fortunately, it looks like ministers are finally realising the extreme importance of properly-maintained service stops.

trucks parking in truck stop

In April 2022, the transport minister announced a £20 million funding plan to improve the security, lighting and shower rooms inside lorry driver facilities.

On top of that, a further £100 million investment was announced in November 2022, which also went towards improving the quality of these facilities.

While the funding is great news and a major stepping stone for truckers, it's important to remember that an overall lack of investment by the government is the main reason for the current state of lorry driver services.

The Ongoing Burden for HGV Drivers

It's clear that unclean toilets and damp shower rooms pose serious health and safety concerns for our drivers, increasing the risk of illness and disease while contributing to fatigue and stress, which can be deadly behind the wheel.

Whilst refusing toilet and handwash facilities to an LGV driver is strictly illegal, it is, sadly, prevalent at many delivery points. The HSE clearly state that "workers who visit worksites as part of their work must be provided with safe and easy access to welfare facilities such as toilets and handwashing facilities".

male and female toilet signs

If you see a breach of these laws anywhere, you can report them directly to the Health and Safety Executive.

Not only do poor HGV facilities cause many health and safety issues, but they can affect the mental health of drivers on the roads. Drivers that find themselves unable to use clean facilities may see an increase in discomfort, causing sleep, concentration and mental health issues.

In addition, many services see an abundance of overpriced fast-food restaurants, which are not only unhealthy, but can also place a financial burden on low-wage drivers.

Finally Making Progress

As mentioned, the government has introduced a welcome investment to improve the state of today's lorry driver facilities, with £120 million of funding expected to bring clean toilet and washroom access, as well as healthier food options.

A more recent change, though, is the RHA's initiative to sharpen the focus on tackling key logistics priorities, which includes the aim to secure a planning rules change to make it easier for developers to build brand new truck stops. 

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Collaboration between the government and groups within the transport and logistics sector (such as the RHA) is vital in securing more initiatives to improve the quality of HGV facilities and truck stops, and it's fantastic to see that progress is being made.

In this blog, we've explored the issue of the state of truck driver facilities in the UK and the impact it has on drivers, as well as the health and safety risks that drivers face and the mental health issues that can arise as a result of poor facilities. We've also highlighted the importance of collaboration between different groups within the transportation industry to improve the situation.

It's clear that action is needed to improve the state of HGV driver facilities. This is not just an issue of convenience or comfort, but one of safety and well-being for drivers who play a crucial role in our economy. We must all recognise the importance of providing lorry drivers with adequate facilities and prioritise their needs.

We call on everyone to support initiatives to improve facilities for heavy goods drivers. Whether it's advocating for better regulations and standards, working with HGV operators to develop innovative solutions, or simply raising awareness of the issues, we all have a role to play in ensuring that drivers have access to the facilities they need to do their job safely and effectively.

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