COVID-19 Pandemic Charity Support

COVID-19 Pandemic Charity Support

PalletOnline wishes to extend a helping hand to any charity looking to distribute pallets during the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. After internal discussions we have decided to hand out 'Emergency Charity' accounts to all registered charities. We would like to play our part in ensuring essential goods reach their destination on time and intact.

This account will allow charities to send pallets at almost cost price. Our pricing matrix doesn't allow us to do this exactly, but we have made every effort to get it as close as possible. It may actually be cheaper than the cost price in some areas. We will work with you to ensure your deliveries are quick and efficient.

If you operate through a registered charity and wish to have pallets collected and delivered please register for an account and get in touch with us via live chat or call us on 0845 658 0049. We will move quickly to ensure you are up and running right away.

In addition to our support of charities any business requiring essential goods to be delivered are encouraged to get in touch. We are forming plans to help make certain that the wheels keep turning on your business and our economy. Our usual pallet delivery service is currently operating at it's usual high standard, thanks to our incredible team in-house and on the road.

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