5 Proven Benefits Of Shipping Pallets
Friday 25th June 2021 | View all Blogs

Whether you're an independent seller or a business with hundreds of customers, shipping goods on time is crucial to maintaining a good reputation.

Aside from being the most cost-effective means of transporting goods, reliable pallet delivery services come with many other perks too!

Here are 5 proven benefits of shipping pallets with a pallet courier... 

1) Pallets Are Much Easier To Move 

If you land the task of moving heavy boxes until your arms ache, pallets are your unsung heroes! 

As pallets hold items of all different shapes and weights, they’re considered the safest means of hauling goods from A to B. 

Plus, pallets are normally moved with equipment like pallet trucks and tail lifts; So transporting goods on pallets is much easier to do! 

Pallets Are Easier To Move

When your goods are secured to a pallet and ready to ship, all you have to do is arrange a collection with your pallet courier. It's that easy! 

All the heavy lifting is taken care of by your chosen courier, you just need to load everything to pallets and know how to pack your goods properly, of course

2) Make Use Of Warehouse Storage Availability 

As pallet couriers handle thousands of pallets daily, they need plenty of space to store everything. 

This includes pallets due to be loaded to a delivery vehicle and pallets that have nowhere else to go for the time being; Their warehouses do come in quite handy

During less busy times, pallet couriers with relatively empty warehouses may choose to rent storage space out to those in urgent need of keeping their goods safely tucked away. 

For example, let’s say that you’re moving premises and storing your belongings at home is just not an option; Warehouse storage is the cheapest and safest solution. 

All pallet delivery companies have high security on their premises, so the chances of your pallets being left out-of-sight is almost an impossibility. Your pallets will always be in safe hands!  

Plus, with your belongings already in their capable hands, moving everything to your new site would be so much quicker.

All you would have to do is arrange for them to be shipped from their warehouse to your new place! 

3) Your Goods Handled By Pallet Experts

There is nobody you can trust more to handle your goods than pallet experts

Such companies are trusted to pick up and deliver thousands of pallets safely

Your Goods Handled By Pallet Experts

Not to mention that pallet networks are extremely secure and all pallets go through rigorous checks and inspections before they reach the delivery point. 

These checks help to identify any damaged pallets, so the courier can keep you updated with the next course of action on the rare occasion your pallets do become damaged. 

4) Eases Your Inventory Management

When running a business, you’re constantly looking at ways to keep tabs on what you’re shipping and what’s arriving on-site, wouldn’t you agree

Naturally, shipping pallets will ease your inventory management and allow you more time to focus on other important everyday tasks. 

Easier Inventory Management

With easier inventory management, you can monitor stock levels, decide which goods are the most popular and know exactly when to replenish stock, too

Using a trusted pallet courier, you can easily track every delivery and get all the relevant updates as and when they come through.

5) Pallets Can Be Reused And Recycled

Arguably, pallets are the most popular means of shipping goods as they are super cheap to produce and can be very easily recycled.

But did you know that the most economical way of recycling pallets is by simply reusing them? 

Pallets Recycled

And if you don’t need them again for shipping, you can always get crafty and turn them into something fun for your home or even your office space! 

Generally, people who no longer need their pallets give them away free of charge or simply drop them off at their local recycling facility instead. 

At this point, the pallets can either be broken down and disposed of entirely, OR, they can be broken down, patched up and recycled into sturdier pallets to be used by other businesses. 

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