Pallet Delivery

Pallet Delivery Companies - Quick Guide

Pallet Delivery Companies - Quick Guide

Before sending your goods through a pallet delivery companies’ network, there are a few things you need to know in order to avoid any problems or delays. 

Most pallet couriers have their own rules and regulations for customers to follow, so it’s important that you research and adhere to them as much as you possibly can beforehand. 

Here’s what you need to know before shipping a pallet through a pallet courier! 

Standard Pallet Delivery Requirements

To begin with, there’s usually strict rules and guidelines set in place for customers who use a pallet courier to deliver their goods. 

If you have never used a pallet courier service before, then it may benefit you to keep reading and give yourself a heads up about what to expect after booking your pallet delivery

As you may already know, rules are not optional and must be adhered to as best you can to avoid being refused service. 

Here’s a few standard rules that most pallet delivery companies use to keep their services running smoothly: 

Select The Correct Pallet Size 

All couriers need to know the size of each pallet before they collect and deliver your goods. 

You will usually find that most couriers advertise this requirement clearly on their website, either on or before the checkout screen to avoid any issues or confusion. 

Depending on the courier you choose, you can sometimes select an oversized pallet if your goods won’t fit on a normal pallet size. 

Deliveries Take Place On Solid, Flat Ground

For your courier to collect and deliver pallets, you must make sure there is solid, flat ground present on your site so that their delivery vehicle can easily maneuver the land. 

You should also make sure there are no objects in the way of where they will load or unload your goods. 

Witness/Volunteer Present At Time Of Delivery

While most pallet delivery companies will send a receipt of delivery or collection afterwards, you should still arrange for someone to be present at the time of delivery. 

This way, you can be confident that the delivery went ahead on time and with no issues, but also, if your courier needs assistance with something on the day, someone is there to offer help. 

Speak Up If You Need A Pallet For Your Goods

Most pallet couriers will be able to supply you with a pallet for an additional cost, but usually, you would need to let them know in advance.

If you have placed your order and need a bigger pallet, you should call the courier to try to amend your booking. 

If you follow the advice above, your pallet delivery should go as smoothly as you’d hoped. No matter how much you think you know, if you are unsure of something when placing a delivery booking, be sure to contact the courier and ask them first. 

The last thing you would want is for your goods to be delivered to the wrong place, or even have the courier refuse delivery because you selected the wrong pallet size by accident. 

Standard Collection and Delivery Guidelines

When planning on shipping pallets via a pallet courier service, you should know what to expect when it comes to the collection and delivery of your goods. 

To begin with, all pallet delivery companies ask their customers to make sure there’s plenty of solid, flat surface for them to load and unload pallets from their delivery vehicles. 

You should also try your best to make sure someone is present at the time of delivery to see that everything runs smoothly, especially if you can’t be there yourself. 

Failing to assist the courier with the collection or delivery of goods can result in them refusing to go ahead with the booking and you could be charged an additional rebooking fee - so make sure someone is there to help.  

If you struggle to find someone to help the courier on the day, you would need to make them aware of this in advance and explore other options with them. 

How To Get A Pallet Delivery Quote 

Before booking a pallet delivery in the UK and Europe, you’ll probably want to get yourself a few quotes to discover which is the cheapest pallet delivery courier for your region. 

Some pallet delivery companies offer customers a free instant pallet delivery quote through their website, while you might have to contact other couriers directly to request one from them in advance. 

Albeit, you’d probably opt for the quickest option when trying to arrange your pallet delivery, so instant quotes are likely to be your best bet! 

For more information regarding our affordable pallet courier services or even for some friendly advice, please feel free to get in touch with PalletOnline. We are always available via Live Chat or by phone to help with all your pallet queries.