Need To Ship a Gearbox? Look No Further
Tuesday 9th August 2022 | View all Blogs

Gearboxes. Mechanical wonders, but a pain to transport! 

Because of their weight, there are a limited number of methods to transport a gearbox over a distance, but pallets are one of them.

A standard pallet can hold just over 2 tonnes, so you don’t need to worry about trying to find something that can take the weight of your gearbox. 

But it’s not just weight and size that makes gearboxes difficult to transport. Not all carriers will move gearboxes due to the potentially flammable and harmful fluids inside them. 

That’s where PalletOnline is different.

We’re more than happy to collect and deliver your gearbox, but before you pop your gearbox on a pallet, there are some things we need to tell you about pallet delivery.

Read on to find out how to prepare the perfect pallet.

Pull the Plug

Under normal running conditions, gearboxes contain oil that lubricates many moving parts. This oil, unfortunately, cannot be transported with the gearbox through our network.

As oil is slippery, leakages may cause a real slip hazard, which can cause a huge health and safety issue. Not only that, a leaky gearbox may cause damage to surrounding goods and surfaces. 

Oil is also highly flammable, and even the smallest spark can set it alight. That wouldn’t end well in a warehouse full of wooden pallets! 


Depending on how full your gearbox is, there are different ways you can drain it. If there is a lot of oil inside, it might be best to drain all the oil out into a pan, and then either reuse it or discard it at your local oil disposal point.

It’s always recommended that you place your gearbox on top of an absorbent material, such as a cloth or mat for at least 24 hours. It’s also desirable that you leave clean absorbent material under your gearbox during transit. This way, if the pallet rocks and leftover oil comes out, you’re protected.

Check, Check, and Check Again!

When you’re shipping a gearbox, or anything for that matter, it’s vital you get everything correct before checking out.


That’s right! One small mistake could cost you, either in time or money.

As we base our prices on the size and weight of your goods, using our handy size guide is highly recommended.

It’s also worth double, or even triple, checking the collection and delivery locations as, believe it or not, it’s a common mistake to get these wrong. 

The checkout page is also the place where you can add any additional extras, such as timed deliveries, tail lifts and our pre-3pm collection service. 

Secure Everything

Straps are your best friend when securing your gearbox. Invest in some good quality ratchet straps that will anchor on to your pallet and firmly hold your gearbox in place. 

It’s extremely important that your gearbox doesn’t budge when in transit. 

You can also wrap your gearbox with stretch wrap. This will provide a comfy cushion for your gearbox that will prevent it from minor damages. We can’t stress enough how important it is not to just rely on wrap!

Gearboxes are very heavy items, which means wrap will not be enough to prevent it from moving on the pallet.  

Strapped For Time? Don’t Get Lazy!

We’ve already mentioned earlier that stretch wrap alone won’t be enough to secure your goods. 

To make sure your gearbox is going nowhere, it’s wise to use some good-quality ratchet straps to hold your goods in place. Gearboxes are very expensive items, and the thought of your mechanical masterpiece falling on the floor isn’t a pretty sight! 


If you’d rather use something else to secure your gearbox, steel banding can be used instead. It’s important to find something that will hold the weight of your gearbox, though.

It’s crucial not to underestimate the importance of securing your goods. Believe it or not, your pallet can be handled up to eight times before being delivered!

We also advise that you don’t skimp and use rope or chain, as this can easily snap or come loose in transit.

Follow the Rules

It’s all well and good knowing how to properly secure your pallet, but it won't be going anywhere if you don’t follow guidelines.

As with any pallet delivery, your gearbox needs to follow a set of rules to be deemed safe.

As we’ve already mentioned, your gearbox must not contain any oil when you ship it through the network, but it’s also vital that your goods don’t overhang the pallet.

Overhanging goods are one of the most common issues we see daily, and most instances result in either rejection or incur extra costs. 

But why are we so strict with this? Well, overhanging pallets have a tendency to damage other goods around them. 


Not only that, but overhanging goods can also cause injury to anyone handling them. 

Another common reason for rejection is if your pallet doesn’t look safe for transport. 

Sadly, pallets don’t last forever (we wish they did!), and prolonged wear and tear can often make them unstable. This could increase the risk of a collapsed pallet, everyone’s worst nightmare.

Don’t have any wrap or straps to secure your pallet? Don’t worry! Our shop will provide you with all you need to make sure your gearbox is safe during transport.

Now you know the basics of gearbox delivery, you should be good to go! 

Did you know PalletOnline are one of the few pallet delivery services that offer engine and gearbox delivery? That’s right, simply head over to our quote page and get a totally free, no-obligation quote.