The Future of Pallet Delivery
Friday 19th November 2021 | View all Blogs

The world of logistics is changing, and businesses are finding new ways to be more efficient, such as using pallets to distribute and store goods.

With a growing demand for deliveries, pallet couriers are trying to find ways to relieve some of the pressure, including changing how pallet deliveries are handled and tracked. 

Moving Pallets Done Solely by Machinery 

Pallets are notoriously difficult to move, especially if they are heavy. 

Pallets Moved by Machinery

Pallet trucks, tail lifts, lift assists, and forklifts remove the physical burden of moving pallets, but there may come a time when this process has to be handled exclusively by machines. 

Fortunately, this means that those currently responsible for the labour of moving pallets by hand can focus their energy elsewhere. 

New Pallet Designs and Weight Limits

The list of things you can't ship on pallets may be long, but there are plenty of items you can send, and this list seems to be ever-growing. 

Pallet Weight Limit

The need for multiple pallets and separate shipments would be non-existent if manufacturers designed large and more robust pallets. Rather than arranging several shipments, everything could be delivered together at once. 

Essentially, new pallet designs and weight limits will help you save on shipping costs!

Pallets Could Become Universal 

Imagine a world where pallets are universal and used in countries around the globe; shipping overseas is suddenly much easier than before. 

Universal Pallets

Well, many pallet couriers and distribution networks have already switched to universal options that can meet all requirements, but not everyone has made the change yet. 

Warehouse Racking to Be Scrapped

Warehouse space is in short supply as demand for storage grows, but some pallet couriers claim that scrapping warehouse racking will give them more space to store pallets. 

Pallet Warehouse Racking

While most would agree, rackings are a place to store pallets safely as they await their new homes. 

Thus, if racking is scrapped, warehouses would need a collection of alternative storage solutions. 

Enhanced Tracking of Pallets

Of course, we saved the best 'til last! 

We all love the thrill of tracking deliveries. 

As soon as we click the 'track' button, we automatically jump into detective mode.

For decades, tracking pallet deliveries meant scouting for your consignment number and contacting the courier responsible for regular status updates.

But the modern evolution of technology has opened the eyes of those powerful enough to make a change.  

Pallet Delivery Tracking

Many pallet couriers now offer online tracking systems. When you enter the tracking number, the system shows you all the points of the pallet's journey. 

But now, people want to know where their goods are at all times; they want a system that allows them to know when to expect the driver so that they're not stuck inside all day. 

We're not wrong. We've had plenty of time to master giving peace of mind, and it's only a matter of time before the stragglers catch up to the demand for modern pallet tracking systems.