Pallet Delivery

Advice from a Pallet Courier

Advice from a Pallet Courier

Even if you are at your first pallet delivery or you are seasoned, so to say, in terms of such deliveries, some tips can’t do any harm, right? Well when it comes to deliveries that involve pallets, their safety is the most important thing you have to worry about.

In this respect, we will now present you with some pallet delivery tips that will make both of our jobs easier. They will make it easier for you to deal with your pallet and easier for us to ship it and take it where you want it taken without any issues during transport.

Now, let’s see what your friendly neighbourhood pallet courier has to say!

The Pallet Problem - Courier Tips

When you rely on a pallet delivery company, then the pallets that you’ll need for your boxes will most likely come to you – as in the company can supply you with them.

However, if you decide to save some money and find your own pallets, then you should be prepared – why? Well, first of all, besides finding them, you’ll also need to transport them back to your place or store.

Still, finding a proper pallet can be an issue. Most of the times, you’ll find pallets that are infested with stray nails, so to say, pests, and many other things that may make them unfit for shipment. So, before ruling out the services of a pallet courier, you might have to think this issue twice if you want to avoid any pallet problems.

Wooden Pallets – Strict Regulations

Keeping in mind the infested pallets, you have to know that shipping of wooden pallets has caused pest problems around the world. In this respect, the companies that make or restore these pallets have to comply with a set of standards for wood treatment.

All the pallets that have been treated properly are stamped with a pallet seal by a certified inspector – so, look for that pallet seal when buying a pallet on your own. There is plenty of advice online for how to seal pallet wood if you are doing it yourself.

The catch here is that if your pallet is untreated properly, it – along with its cargo – might be either incinerated or turned back from certain ports. This renders the time you spent packing the pallet and its boxes in vain.

In short, most pallet couriers will advise you not to make your own pallets, as you might risk losing them for good, along with your items/products.

Packaging for Transport

You already know that packaging for transport is a serious responsibility. So, don’t think that when a courier consents to transport your products, you are free from damage or from any extra fees.

Keep in mind that, even if they agree to transport your pallet, they also have the legal right to refuse any claims for damages if your pallet has been improperly packaged. In short, if you don’t pack and secure it right, then it is entirely your fault and you can’t get anything out of that.

If you know that you properly packaged your pallet, then you can rely on a palletline network in order to have more control over your pallet. You can select one of the network’s locations for delivery and the shipment will also be made via its specific hubs, thus decreasing the risks of damage as well as the delivery time.

How to Ship Pallets with PalletOnline

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