Northern Ireland & Trader Supply Service Pallet Delivery Guide

Sending pallets to Northern Ireland can be tricky. We simplify the process for you. This is a quick and easy guide to help deliver your pallets from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

This guide is about pallet deliveries from Great Britain (GB) to Northern Ireland (NI) specifically.

If you're shipping freight in the opposite direction - NI to GB - it's handled like standard UK freight. So, there's no need for any extra steps; just book your pallet delivery with us.

This setup came into play for GB to NI shipments as a result of Brexit.

It's because there's no hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which, of course, is still part of the European Union.

We've laid out five straightforward steps for getting your goods safely into Northern Ireland using pallet deliveries:


Commercial or Residential

If both the importer and exporter are businesses, this falls under the category of commercial freight. To proceed, both parties must possess valid EORI numbers.

If you're an importer in Northern Ireland, it's essential to register with the Trader Support Service (TSS). If you haven't done so yet, you can complete your registration quickly - just register for TSS here.

For companies based in Great Britain, your EORI number should start with 'GB. Northern Ireland-based companies will be assigned an EORI number that begins with 'XI.'

It's worth noting that a Northern Ireland company can also hold a GB EORI, which remains valid for use.

In cases where your company is exporting goods to a residential address in Northern Ireland, the process is relatively straightforward. No registration with the TSS is required in this scenario; we can manage all the necessary paperwork for the TSS on your behalf.

However, it's essential to maintain a valid GB EORI number if your company operates within Great Britain.

When it comes to residential bookings involving private individuals, the process is uncomplicated. EORI numbers are not necessary, and there's no requirement for anyone to register with the TSS.


Valid EORI Numbers

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Trader Supply Service

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Getting a Quote

You will need to get a quote from our homepage. In the image below you can see what is required.

You need to enter a collection postcode and a full BT delivery postcode. Once that's done, please select how many pallets you would like to send. You can send a variety of different sized pallets. If you need further help with pallet sizes we have also built a handy pallet space calculator for your convenience. Once you have entered all the information, simply click 'Get a Quote' to proceed with your quote and booking.


Checkout Options

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