International Insurance & Claims

Insurance & Claims

How much will my overseas pallet delivery be insured for?

We can offer coverage of up to £5/kg for deliveries through the network, but for countries that the network doesn’t deliver to, such as Germany, Italy and Switzerland, we can only offer a maximum of £1.30/kg.

If your shipment is more valuable than this, we recommend seeking insurance elsewhere before booking with us to ensure your goods are covered if your goods are damaged or lost.

PalletOnline has one of the lowest damage rates in the industry. Therefore, it’s extremely rare for pallets to become damaged when shipping through the network, but we always work to ensure that, should the worst happen, you are compensated.


How can I raise a claim?

If you’ve noticed that you’re missing some items from your delivery, or your pallet is damaged, you must let us know immediately.

As soon as we’re made aware that there’s a problem with your goods, we will email you a claim form, which you must fill in and return to us as soon as possible. It’s imperative that you give us as many details as possible, including any images and CCTV to support your claim.


Will my goods be refused if they are damaged in transit?

There is a possibility that your goods will be refused if they are damaged or not appropriately prepared for transit

More often than not, if goods are damaged in transit, we will report this to you straight away and you can choose whether your goods continue their journey, or are returned to yourself.

If your goods reach the delivery point damaged, the receiver has the choice of accepting them but noting them as damaged to begin the claim process, or they can refuse the delivery altogether and have the goods returned to the sender.

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