How much does it cost to send oversized pallets?

When calculating the dimensions of your items and trying to determine which pallet size is best, it's no surprise that being advised to select an oversized pallet can leave you with so many questions.

The last thing you want when sending your pallet delivery is to discover that there are additional costs involved as you have secured your items to the wrong pallet size.

Please ensure you have read the following information carefully before booking an oversized pallet delivery.

Have You Measured Your Items Correctly?

To determine whether your items will need to be secured to an oversized pallet, you will need to measure them correctly. This will ensure there are no unexpected last-minute charges, and that a second attempt to collect and deliver is not needed also.

You will need to book an oversized pallet delivery if your items exceed the maximum measurements of a full pallet. For example, if your items measure 125cm in length by 105cm in width, then you would need to book an oversized pallet rather than a standard full pallet.

How is The Cost Calculated?

The cost of sending an oversized pallet is based on the same as a normal pallet delivery: the weight and height of your items, and the distance between the allocated collection and delivery point.

An oversized pallet is how several pallet couriers, including ourselves, refer to shipping items that cannot be safely delivered on a full pallet.

How Many Pallets Will You Need?

How we calculate the cost of oversized pallets depends on the number of full pallets you will need. You must check this before booking, as you do not want to under-compensate for space.

For example, if your items are both larger in length AND width, then you will need to select 4 full pallets in the checkout. While if your items are larger in only the length OR width, you will need to book 2 full pallets.

This will ensure that your items can travel safely through our network with no risk of damage, as they will be secured comfortably to the appropriate number of pallets. Plus, this will help prevent your items from overhanging and causing damage to other consignments on the delivery vehicle.

For more information regarding sending an oversized pallet delivery, please contact us directly. Our friendly customer support team will always be happy to help you. 

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