Can you explain order tracking and the delivery process?

You can track your pallet delivery via our website. We track your pallet throughout its journey and update you as soon as information is relayed back to us. 

Below we will go into what we track and just how we do it for your pallet delivery process.

New ETA Tracking Available

You can now track your delivery ETA’s with our new tracking service.

Our ETA service allows you to view the various stages of your order, as well as when your goods should arrive.

Proof of documents will be accessible as soon as they are available to us. All you need to is head to the Track Order page and provide your Booking Reference or Order ID.

You will also be able to leave a rating of your service when viewing your ETA information.

Pallet Delivery & Collection Process

After placing your pallet delivery order with us the process begins. First of all your order is automatically moved over to our internal software. 

At this point your goods description and booking notes will be checked over to ensure there are no problems. It is at this point that we will contact you if there is an issue. After this we export your pallet delivery order over to our network to begin its journey.

There are three points in the network that your pallet delivery will pass through. When you use our service you're using a network of experts throughout the country with quality checks a long the way.

First of all the collection depot, who will of course be collecting your pallet. This is the first time our network have a visual of your pallet. If there are any issues with oversized goods then additional charges may be applied here. 

In the event of the onsite collection contact being unavailable there would be a failed collection fee. After collection of your pallet the collection depot will transport your pallet via a trunking system to the Central Hub.

The Central Hub is a connection point between collection and delivery depots for our network. Your pallet is moved here over night and collected for delivery early morning the next day if you're using our Premium service. 

It's at this point that your pallet will be checked for any damages. If as expected no damages occured during collection then your pallet will be given the green light to leave the Central Hub. The delivery depot will then arrive to collect your pallet.

Once the delivery depot have collected your goods they will be moved to the delivery warehouse. From here your pallet will be assigned to a load with the most suitable vehicle for delivery. 

Finally, your goods will be out for delivery. It is at this point that we expect the onsite delivery contact to be available to receive the goods.

That is the whole process from start to finish. Tracking is provided throughout this journey as your pallet is scanned at each point between collection and delivery. 

If you like the sound of how we do things, get a pallet quote and start your pallet delivery today.

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