Can I track my order with PalletOnline?

As one of the best pallet delivery companies across the UK and Europe, we always strive to ensure our drivers keep you fully updated throughout the process of your pallet delivery.

We have an online order tracking system for our customers, providing them with frequent and accurate delivery updates on the day of their pallet delivery.

How Does Order Tracking Work?

Every time you search for more information on your drivers’ whereabouts, an update is brought to you. Offering our customers peace of mind, our advanced order tracking system has been designed to keep our customers up-to-date with their orders from point of pallet collection to delivery.

We aim to keep our order tracking system as updated as we can, at all times. As soon as we receive data from the different points of your pallet delivery, it is fed back to our main tracking system and you can access it there.

As part of our exceptional pallet courier service, we are able to provide you with Proof of Deliveries (POD) after a delivery is made. This will be uploaded to your order tracking as soon as they become available to us.

Can I Get ETA Information?

You can track each stage of your booking with our revolutionary new system. Information about your ETA will be provided along with eight different stages that your paller journey undertakes.

We have recognised the importance of providing this information, after listening to all of your feedback.

Therefore, we have streamlined this process which should now give you all the information you require about your pallet journey.

Will You Update Me When My Goods Reach Amazon?

When you send a pallet to Amazon using our fast and efficient pallet delivery service, please ensure that you allow at least one full working week for them to provide us with proof of receipt. Hourly updates are normally available as well.

If you require an urgent update regarding your order, please get in touch with us through our website live chat or by calling us on 0345 658 0049.

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